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Wow 2016, what a year you’ve been! At the start of every year, I can’t imagine how the new year can possibly top the previous year…and yet, it always manages to do so. 2016, you’ve been the best year yet. I finished business school, graduated, started dating an amazing guy, moved to Hamburg, began a new job, and got a 3-year visa for Germany! Here are some of the (travel) highlights of 2016!

Here is a look at my 2016 by numbers:

+ 40 flights taken including 8 transatlantic flights
+ 16 countries visited including 6 new countries
+ Too many buses and trains to count!


Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With WagnerI rang in my 25th birthday by visiting a bucketlist location – Malta! January was the perfect time to visit as it was low tourist season and the weather barely pushed back 70 F/21 C (I can’t stand hot weather!). I got to explore this wonderful island with my sister and a great friend.

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

Halfway through each semester in Edinburgh, I got a one-week break. For my break in February, my sister and I headed to Budapest and Bratislava. I had been to both cities before but was so excited to share them with my sister! Unfortunately, we had rainy, cold, and grey weather the entire time but still managed to enjoy ourselves!

Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

After our time in Bratislava, we took the one-hour train over to Vienna to meet the Prince who flew down from Hamburg. Unfortunately, I stayed in bed the entire time with strep throat and a horrible fever! My sister and the Prince had a fabulous time though :)

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

To make up for the failed trip to Vienna, the Prince and I decided to meet up in London. As the biggest fan of British Politics (he watches Prime Minister’s Questions every week), he was so excited to finally tour the Palace of Westminster!

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

I took a brief weekend trip to Kiel, Germany, the hometown of the Prince. While still quite a bit chilly, we were able to explore the sailing venue of the 1972 Olympics. Kiel is one of the premier sailing locations in the entire world due to its location on the Baltic Sea! It was also nice to explore the Prince’s hometown with him.


Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

May was one of my craziest travel months ever! I started out the month by visiting my favorite city in the entire world – Heidelberg, Germany! After arriving back to Edinburgh, I flew almost immediately to the USA to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. One of the best surprises ever!

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

After flying back from my whirlwind trip in the USA, I briefly stopped in Hamburg for a fraternity ball in Kiel before heading on a romantic trip to Alicante, Spain with the Prince. While I had some unfortunate luck there (a broken camera as well as a lost ATM card!), I took an amazing kayaking excursion along the coast.

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

The month ended with a solo trip around Poland, another country on my bucketlist. I was able to visit Gdansk, Warsaw, and Krakow along with a day trip to the Salt Mines of Krakow and Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps.

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

After doing a solo trip through Poland, I met up with my sister in Lithuania. Although we stayed in the capital city of Vilnius, we took a day trip out to the adorable lakeside resort of Trakai.

Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner



We then took a bus ride and headed up north to Riga, Latvia. An extremely vibrant and lively city, I actually ran into a university friend from the United States! My sister and I spent a day hiking through the gorgeous hills and castles of Sigulda.

Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner


My sister and I made a short stop in Tallinn, Estonia before continuing onwards to Finland. Although we only had 24 hours in Tallinn, we managed to take advantage of all the delicious food that I had had during my first visit to Estonia in 2014.

Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner


We ended our amazing trip through the Baltics in Finland! The weather was absolutely perfect and we enjoyed the delicious coffee culture there. One of the days, we took a ferry out to the island of Suomenlinna and sampled their craft brewery. I can’t wait to eventually get back to Finland and explore more of the islands.

Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

The month of June ended in the Prince’s hometown of Kiel, Germany! We went to Kieler Woche (Kiel Week), the largest sailing event in the world. While in Germany, we also attended the wedding of a dear friend. Surprisingly, the weather managed to hold and there was no rain!

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

July brought one of my biggest and most exciting trips of 2016…the Prince’s first visit to the USA! We spent two weeks in the USA and managed to visit Chicago; my hometown of Washington, D.C.; Virginia Beach; and my adopted hometown of Traverse City, Michigan.

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

I made one of the most exciting and terrifying decisions of my life in August and moved to Hamburg, Germany full-time. After accepting a job offer in June, I was finally able to be in the same city (and live together) with the Prince!

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

After a crazy spring and summer, the Prince and I had a low-key September and spent the time exploring the areas around Hamburg. We managed to catch fantastic, sunny weather when we went apple picking in the Altes Land of Germany!

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

Towards the end of the month, we headed up to Kiel for a weekend to see the christening of the Prince’s mom’s sailboat! I’m such a sucker for anything nautical ;)


Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

I started out October with a wonderful, and much-needed, girls’ weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark. Less than a 5-hour train ride away from Hamburg, it is the perfect weekend destination!

Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner



VIVA LA CUBA! For my mom’s 60th birthday, my entire family headed to Cuba to experience the island recently off-limits to Americans. What a fantastic experience it was for all of us :)

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

A short train ride from Hamburg, the city of Lübeck is a charming weekend escape. The Prince and I headed there one weekend to explore the city and take in all the autumn colors!

Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner



To celebrate our one-year anniversary, the Prince and I headed to Bruges, Belgium to take in all the delicious beer, cheese, and chocolate! While the weather was a bit rainy, it didn’t deter our eating abilities!

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

Before our flight back to Germany from Belgium, we stopped over for an afternoon in Ghent. We indulged in some delicious pizza and walked around the old canals of the city.


Looking Back on 2016 via Beer Time With Wagner

The final month of 2016 was spent at Christmas markets, Christmas markets, Christmas markets! I took a solo trip to southern Germany one weekend to visit the adorable city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber and experience the Christmas market!

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Looking Back on 2016 via Wayfaring With Wagner

My final adventure before heading home to the USA for Christmas was a stop by Nuremberg’s world-famous Christmas market! The photo only shows about half the Christmas market on Nuremberg’s Market Square!

My Plans for 2017!

2016 was a great year and I can’t wait for all my adventures in 2017! Current plans include:

+ Disney World Paris
+ Karneval in Cologne
+ Ski vacation to Serfaus, Austria (finally, the Alps!)
+ London over Easter
+ Faroe Islands in May
+ Aspen, Colorado in September

I would also love to go to Cyprus and Romania as they are the only two EU countries I have yet to visit! Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!


  1. You had an amazing 2016! I hope 2017 is just as good, if not better.

    Wait… you had a rainy/cold trip? But it NEVER rains when you travel! ;-)

    I have been to Malta twice, and the second time I got sunstroke. Sounds like going in January would have been a better idea! (We were there in May I think)

  2. Wow! What a year you’ve had! All those pretty european cities, I’m jealous, even though I am not much of a city person.
    We went to Basalt for a wedding last september, it’s right next to Aspen, it’s absolutely beautiful there! Farao Island is also on my bucket list, although not for this year.

  3. What a year!!!! And I can’t wait what to see what you think of the Faroe Islands – they are high on my list!

  4. Wow what an amazing year full of awesome travels! And the Faroe Islands! I can’t wait to read about that they will be gorgeous I am sure. Maybe an extra trip up to Iceland too :)

  5. Look at you! My gosh what a wonderful year! I wish you loads of wonderful travels for 2017 :)

  6. What a fabulous 2016!!! I really hope to make it to Cuba this year before it all changes and I can’t believe you’ve visited every country in the EU except two – very impressive!

  7. I didn’t realise Tallinn looks so damn colourful. I need to visit it! I’ve also heard the food is good and the people are awesome. You had an amazing 2016 and I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds in place for you. Adventure time!

  8. Such an exciting 2016 you had and such an awesome 2017 to look forward to! I’ll be in the Faroes in April actually and am really stoked about it!

    Hopefully this is the year where we finally meet up! :)

  9. I loved reading about your travels! You’ve done so much! You’re also reminding me I want to also go to the Faroe Islands before leaving Germany!

  10. It sounds like you’re having the best adventures! So many great travel plans lined up for the year -can’t wait to follow along!

  11. Bingo!
    That was really a superrr fantastic! experience all around the year Jordan.
    Glad that you have visited 6 new countries from your bucket list, really inspired.
    Keep posting :-)

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