I'm Jordan

I'm the writer and dreamer behind the Hamburg-based travel blog "Wayfaring With Wagner." Always in search of the next castle or fairy-tale town, I seek to inspire those with a 9-5 job to pursue their own European adventure through day and weekend trips. I focus on fairy-tale destinations, with an emphasis on the historical and political backgrounds of these towns.

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Charming Weekend Trips

2 Days in Berlin Itinerary

Berlin is one of the most complex and historical cities. It was the first major city I ever visited in Europe back in 2007 and still remains one of my favorites. For being only an 80-minute train ride away from Hamburg, I hadn't been back to Berlin ...

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Visiting Tübingen in Wintertime

With the allure of a chocolate festival, I made my way to the southern Germany town of Tübingen (also known as Tuebingen or Tubingen to English speakers). While this town was named one of Germany's most photogenic towns, it holds a special place in ...

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A Weekend Trip to Colmar // France

"Little Town, It's a Quiet Village..." Did anyone else love Belle from Beauty and the Beast as much as me? Maybe it was because she had brown hair or maybe it was because she loved reading, but I think Belle is still one of my favorite Disney ...

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European Fairy-Tale Destinations

8 Romantic Places in Germany

With a country full of castles, fairy tales, and even a Romantic Road, how could Germany not be romantic?! I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day and can't resist visiting as many romantic places in Germany as possible (including a getaway last weekend to ...

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A Magical Day Trip to Kaysersberg, France

I know that Colmar, France is considered the inspiration for Beauty and the Beast but the writers clearly didn't pass through the Alsace town of Kaysersberg, France! I arrived in Colmar on a Saturday morning and immediately dropped my bags in my ...

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The Historical Town of Dinant // Belgium

A couple of months ago, I clicked on an article that came up on Facebook titled, "19 Places in Europe You've Never Heard Of" and immediately fell in love with the historical town of Dinant, Belgium. The more I read about this town, the more I was ...

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Travel Tips & Advice

Tips for Dealing with Motion Sickness

Confessions of a 27-year-old travel blogger - I still get horrible motion sickness. For most of my life, I've always had to deal with motion sickness, although to varying degrees. It doesn't matter the mode of transportation - plane, train, ...

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How to Travel with a Chronic Condition

I've been pretty open on my blog about being a two-time childhood cancer survivor. It's such a huge part of my personal identity and a source of pride for me. But what I haven't really talked about are the side effects that come along with being a ...

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Is Eastern Europe Safe?

Whenever I tell someone that I lived in Croatia and Bulgaria for six months, I'm immediately met with the same reaction: "But is it safe? Even as a female AND an American?"My short answer: "Yes." As a female and an American, I've never once felt ...

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