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Wayfaring With Wagner evolved from my love of traveling and documenting life’s amazing adventures. I want you to come wayfaring with me – to go on an incredibly journey with me – through each post. Whether you’re a fellow traveler, endless daydreamer, or inflicted with wanderlust, I want to share my adventures with you!

Whether I’m visiting a castle in Germany, frolicking in a rose field in Bulgaria, exploring the small towns of Normandy, capturing waterfalls in Croatia, hiking through Scotland, organizing the ultimate Baltic itinerary, or drinking wine in Northern Michigan, my goal is to inform, educate, and inspire YOU.

Always in search of the next castle or fairy-tale town, I seek to inspire those with a 9-5 job to pursue their own affordable luxury European and United States adventures through day and weekend trips. I focus on fairy-tale destinations, with an emphasis on the historical and political backgrounds of these towns. So come on an adventure with me!

Besides sharing my travel adventures, I document my life as an American expat – sharing tips and insight – as well as teaching other individuals how they can become expats themselves. I also give advice on attending graduate school in Europe and document the funnier moments of a multi-cultural relationship.

While I currently call Hamburg, Germany home, I’ve previously lived in Heidelberg, Germany; Edinburgh, Scotland; Zagreb, Croatia; and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Lastly, I want this to be a place for exchanging stories, journeys, and adventures. So don’t stay quiet – interact with me, introduce yourself in the comments, or send me an email! There is nothing I love more than meeting internet friends in real life  ;)

One Day in Zurich via Wayfaring With Wagner

Prettiest Lake District via Wayfaring With Wagner

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