Hi! My name is Jordan and I’m so happy you decided to stop by Wayfaring With Wagner! After graduating from college in St. Louis in 2013, I moved to Heidelberg, Germany and intended to stay there for 18 months while I completed a master’s degree. Through a series of fortunate events, I had the chance to live and work in Zagreb, Croatia and Sofia, Bulgaria after finishing my master’s. Being a perpetual student, I decided to start another master’s in Edinburgh, Scotland and graduated in November 2016.

Along the way, I met the Prince, fell head-over-heels in love, and permanently moved to Hamburg, Germany in August 2016 !

While cooking, hiking, and strenuous activity may not be my forte, you can find me browsing J.Crew’s sale section, stocking up on white wine or wheat beer, reading one of the 200+ books on my list, getting in an intense political debate, sipping on my third latte of the day, and enjoying life’s wonderful moments. I hope you enjoy my adventures and are inspired to pursue your own!

The Prince About Page via Wayfaring With Wagner

Meet the Prince About via Wayfaring With WagnerAffectionately called the Prince due to his aristocratic last name and former nobility status, my boyfriend frequently makes appearances in blog posts (and sometimes even writes his own posts!)

When the Prince is not assisting me with my photography (#InstagramBoyfriend), you can find him eating lots of German bread rolls, drinking a beer, perusing Twitter for the latest political stories, watching Prime Minister’s Questions, reading one of his many nonfiction books, or just nerding out in general (but that’s why I fell in love with him)! While he might not be the loudest voice on this blog, he is definitely the most influential person behind the scenes – he is constantly telling me what to write, nagging me to publish my next post, or scheming our next adventure. He truly is the best traveler-in-crime!

Looking Back on 2018 via Wayfaring With Wagner

When I booked a one-way flight to Germany in summer 2013, I told my family I’d be back in the USA by early 2015. But then girl meets boy and the rest is history. After meeting the Prince at a ball in Heidelberg, Germany overlooking the Heidelberg Castle, our paths wouldn’t cross again for another 18 months. Like a 21-century romance, we casually friended each other on Facebook after the ball and started messaging each other on Facebook. Facebook messages turned into emails which turned into text messages. 18 months later, while living in Edinburgh for business school, I decided to invite the Prince to visit me. After having only spoken for 10 minutes in person at the ball, we were either going to be in love by the end of his visit in Edinburgh…or it was going to be a super awkward 5 days! But the rest is history – 8 months later, I was moving to Hamburg and haven’t looked back. You can read more about our American-German love story.

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