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Hello and Moin! I’m Jordan – the writer, dreamer, and traveler behind Wayfaring With Wagner. To find out more about me, CLICK HERE and to find out more about my blog’s story, CLICK HERE. I currently live in Hamburg, Germany but have spent the last few years living around Europe.

During the past five years, I’ve documented everything from my wayfaring adventures, expat woes and triumphs, a multicultural relationship (it’s funny, trust me!), graduate school in Europe x 2, travel tips and lists, and the crazy world of travel blogging. Below are some of my most popular posts in each of the above categories!

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From the mountains of Bulgaria to the fjords of Norway and the waterfalls of Iceland, I’ve been lucky enough to have visited 35+ European countries. Below are some of my most popular European travel posts!

A Magical Day Trip to Kaysersberg, France via Wayfaring With Wagner

Mackinac Island via Wayfaring With Wagner

From the vineyards of Northern Michigan to the shores of the Hawaiian islands, I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited 49 out of the 50 U.S. states. Below are my most popular posts on United States travel.

Since moving abroad in September 2013, I’ve lived in Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Scotland, and now back in Germany. I’ve learned to navigate the bureaucratic red tape as well as the cultural norms of each country! Here’s some of my best advice on becoming an expat and how to deal with the cultural differences you will encounter!

2 Days in Berlin Itinerary via Wayfaring With Wagner

German-American Love Story via Wayfaring With Wagner

That guy on the right? I affectionately call him the Prince. He’s from Germany and we met through mutual friends while I was living in Heidelberg. While it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows due to the language barriers and different nationalities, the laughter definitely (and always) outweighs the tears! See how we navigate relationship translations and straddling two cultures.

I’ve been lucky enough, and fortunate enough, to earn my M.A. and MSc from European universities. My M.A. in American Studies (emphasis in Political Science) is from Universität Heidelberg in Germany. I earned my MSc in International Business and Emerging Markets from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. To see why and how to study in Europe, read below! I am a huge proponent of obtaining a master’s degree in Europe.

New Reader via Wayfaring With Wagner

New Reader via Wayfaring With Wagner

Through trial and error, I’ve picked up some useful tips, hints, and lists for European travel! Below are some of the most important pieces of information I’ve picked up in my four years abroad.

Although I mainly blog about my travel adventures, expat endeavors, my multicultural relationship, or graduate school abroad, I want you to get to know more about the person behind the blog…me! Here is a more in-depth look into me and my background story.

New Reader via Wayfaring With Wagner