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How did you get the name Wayfaring With Wagner? 

Wayfaring With Wagner started out in 2010 as “Tea Time With Jordan,” when I did a summer stint in London. The blog was short-lived (less than two months) and can still be found somewhere on the interwebs if you search hard enough ;) After moving to Germany in September 2013, my blog title changed to Beer Time With Wagner. Considering I moved to the land of beer, I only thought it was appropriate to incorporate beer into my title (Wagner is my last night and quite German itself!).

After three years with the name Beer Time With Wagner, my travels and experiences have evolved and it seemed only fitting for the name to evolve. While I chose Beer Time With Wagner as a fun, lighthearted name, it commonly leads to confusion and misconceptions (no, I’m not a food and drink blog, and no, I’m not an alcoholic). Wayfaring With Wagner describes my insatiable wanderlust and desire to explore as many places as possible. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

What’s your story? Why did you move to Europe and what are you doing now in Europe?

I initially moved to Germany to pursue my M.A. in American Studies (emphasis in Political Science) at Universität Heidelberg. After completing my program, I spent time in Croatia, Bulgaria, and Scotland studying and working until a boy ultimately brought me back to Germany (this time Hamburg). I’m now working full-time in Hamburg and traveling as often as possible!

Why did you initially choose Germany?

I started taking German in high school and continued in university. I actually first started taking German to rebel against my mother who was advocating Spanish to me. However, my middle and last name are pretty much as German as you can get so it felt wrong taking any other language ;) I’m really fascinated in reconnecting with my Germany ancestry and incorporating their customs, traditions, language, etc. into my “American” life.

What and where did you study during undergrad and graduate school?

I did my undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis where I majored in Political Science and German with a minor in Public Health. I then completed my Master of Arts (M.A.) in American Studies (emphasis in Political Science) at Universität Heidelberg. Not feeling quite done with school yet, I then received my Master of Science (MSc) in International Business and Emerging Markets from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

How many countries have you visited?

I visited 40-something countries and hope to reach 50 countries before the age of 30 :)

What’s your favorite European destination?

This is a tough question! Obviously, my favorite country is Germany but I think my favorite region in Normandy, France. Between the history, the food, the quaint villages, and the landscape, I can’t think of a better place in the entire world! Plus, my parents were engaged in Honfleur, France so the entire region holds a special place in my heart. You can read more about the region and its villages here.

I’m moving to Germany! Can you help me?

I love meeting and helping new expats! Drop me an email at jordan[at]wayfaringwithwagner[dot]com and I’ll try to help you as much as possible! I’m pretty knowledgeable about city registration, health insurance, opening a bank account, residence permits, apartment hunting, etc.

Can I use your photos?

Of course you can use my photos! Also that I ask is that the images are only use for personal purposes provided that Wayfaring With Wagner is credited and you hyperlink back to the original source. Please do not reprint, reproduce, or any content or images without my written permission.

What kind of camera do you?

I use a Sony A6000 and edit my photos through Lightroom. I would highly recommend the Sony A6000 if you plan on doing a lot of traveling – it is super light and compact!

Do you work with other brands, blogs, websites, etc?

Absolutely! I love collaborating with others and sharing things I’m truly passionate about in life. If you would be a good fit or are interested in working together, feel free to contact me here or email me at jordan[at]wayfaringwithwagner[dot]com. You find out more information about working with me here as well as press + media about me here.

What are three fun facts about you?

I have six brothers and sisters, I’m a two-time cancer survivor, and I’m obsessed with American football (Go Lions!).

Additional questions? Feel free to write me an email at jordan[at]wayfaringwithwagner[dot]com or contact me here.

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