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Things to See on Rügen via Wayfaring With Wagner

Moin! – that’s northern German for “hello!” I’m Jordan – the writer, photographer, and content creator behind the Hamburg-based travel blog “Wayfaring With Wagner.”  I’m an American-born, German-based travel blogger that focuses on European and United States destinations. Founded in 2013, Wayfaring With Wagner has over 30,000+ loyal readers and followers per month.

Wayfaring With Wagner’s readers are independent, adventurous, and ambitious with the desire to travel. The typical reader is an 18- to 35-year-old working woman living in the USA or Europe. While she isn’t a luxury traveler, she definitely splurges on experiences. My readers are focused on short-term travel options – they are seeking advice for affordable luxury vacations to fairy-tale destinations and European and United States weekend trips. Since moving to Germany, I have acquired quite a following for my German-specific content. I also help produce and manage German Travel Collective.

Wayfaring With Wagner is a travel blog that focuses on fairy-tale destinations and off-the-beaten path locations, with an emphasis on the historical and political backgrounds of towns. I produce detail-rich, informative travel advice and guides alongside personal anecdotes and historical stories. My writing style is relatable and personable, with the goal to become your travel buddy by the time you leave my site.


Always in search of the next castle or fairy-tale town, Wayfaring With Wagner seeks to inspire those with a 9-5 job to pursue their own affordable luxury adventures through day and weekend trips in Europe, the United States, and beyond.

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  • Page Views: 15,000+
  • Visitors: 10,000+
  • Social Media Followers: 15,000+
  • Email Subscribers: 500+
  • Monthly Reach: 30,000+

For more detailed information, please download my media kit below or email me at jordan[at]wayfaringwithwagner[dot]com

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Interested in another type of partnership or collaboration not listed above? Feel free to email me at jordan[at]wayfaringwithwagner[dot]com or contact me here. I am very flexible with my options and would love to make it work!

Important note: I do not accept unpaid collaborations or partnerships. Additionally, all sponsored content is properly marked, labeled, and disclosed according to FTC, German, and European regulations.

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