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5 years ago last week, I sat down and wrote my first blog post. I had no intention of having this blog for more than a few months and assumed only my family would read it :) Now it is 5 years, and one blog name change, later. It’s amazing to think of where I was in life 5 years and all the changes that have occurred since then.

5 years ago, I was a bright-eyed, newly-graduated college student. On a whim, I applied to a graduate program in Heidelberg, got accepted, and boarded a plane with a one-way ticket to Germany. To be honest, I had the intention of returning home 18 months later and joining corporate American :) But as we all know, life constantly throws curveballs! These past 5 years, and this blog, have taught me so much about what I want (and more importantly, what I don’t want!) in life.

I’ve met hundreds of friends through this blog – and have such a richness in life due to them. From my original blogger friends in Heidelberg to those I’ve just met at conferences this past year – thank you so much for the constant support, love, advice, and motivation. What started out as a blog keeping my parents and siblings up-to-date has turned into a passion project, something I don’t see myself giving up now or in the future (regardless of how little I’ve posted this year!). I’ve connected to so many readers, received the sweetest emails, and felt encouraged when my blog convinced someone to move to Germany!

This naive graduate student from Heidelberg has grown into a confident, self-assured adult (!?). She’s graduated from graduate school, interned at two embassies in Europe, graduated from business school,  traveled to over 25 European countries, moved back to Germany, found a job she loves (oh ya, since I’ve been MIA, I got a new job – I love it), joined too many organizations, and – most importantly – fallen in love with her forever man. Who would have thought all of this would have happened in the past 5 years!?

I still might not be blogging full time but life is so so so so good. I’m getting opportunities through my blog, attending conferences, having my blog recognized, and feeling proud of the work I’m producing.

A million thanks to everyone who has, and continues, to read my blog. To my Dad and Mom – thanks for telling anyone and everyone about my blog, for being my biggest supporters, and for being the best proofreaders. To my Prince – the best blogger boyfriend I could ever ask for in life. Thanks for never laughing about my ridiculous blogger problems, for being willing to attend all my crazy European adventures, and for constantly nagging me to write and post more. And to the rest of you, my dear readers, you’re the reason why I continue this blog. Your love, your support, your readership, your kind words – you have been there through it all and I couldn’t imagine a better community.

Happy 5th Birthday, Wayfaring With Wagner – Prost to many more years to come!

P.S. If you’re interested, this is the first post I ever published: September 29, 2013.


  1. Ruth M. Wagner-Belisle Reply

    Happy Fifth Birthday, Wayfaring with Wagner.” Here’s to many more years of blogging, traveling and enjoying life. From what you wrote about the German boy you fell in love with, I’m wondering if you still plan to become POTUS at some time in your life?? After reading that you could recite the entire alphabet at the age of 2, I will certainly vote for you. Incidentally, at a very young age (don’t know exactly what age but definitely before 5), I could recite the names of all the U.S. presidents and still can.

    • Ruth M. Wagner-Belisle Reply

      …that should be “recite the entire alphabet BACKWARDS.” Please correct.

  2. Happy blog birthday to you! I’m so glad we “met” through blogging and I just love keeping up with you. =)

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