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I guess when I’m not writing this blog or traveling all around Europe, I sometimes attend graduate school (although I feel like a lot of my family members would disagree and say I never attend graduate school!)

Second semester just started and I’m finally able to get into a semi-routine. Like I’ve said before, German semesters are really funky and don’t align with the American university system. Wash U had its last week of classes when I had my first week of classes in Heidelberg. The semesters in Germany go from October-February and April-July. This is nice because we have two equal length breaks between our semesters :)

My classes this semester don’t seem as intense or time-consuming. yay! Unfortunately, I have Friday class at 9 am (who does that? That’s just mean!) but no class on Monday. Here are my classes this semester:

  • Religion in America from 1500-1800 – Explores the different religious movements and settlements (especially colonialism) from 1500-1800. This class doesn’t just focus on the United States but also the religious movements in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada.
  • Introduction to U.S. Law – A basic law class. Honestly, the Professor is really sweet and the class looks interesting but I’ve just taken so many law/PoliSci classes (from my undergrad) that I think I’m going to be bored most of the time.
  • American Scriptures – This is an interdisciplinary seminar that only lasts about 6 weeks. It is taught by a Professor from Heidelberg and a Professor from Wash U! When I found out the second Professor was from Wash U, I knew I had to take this class. Plus, it explores the religious movements in the United States during the 19th century (think: Mormonism).
  • Sports and Religion in the United States – This class I’m just taking for fun! I really like the Professor who teaches this class (I had him last semester). Plus, I’m obsessed with sports…any and all sports! We are looking at how religion influences sports in the United States (think: Tim Tebow).
  • Academic Writing – Basic writing class. Same as the last semester!
  • Introduction to Methodology – This is very much a philosophy based class. Professor is awesome but I’m not a huge philosophy fan so we’ll see if I end up enjoying this…
  • Master’s Colloquium – Every week, we get a new guest lecturer to come present a topic related to American Studies. Last semester we had everyone from authors to politicians. Most weeks, the lecturer is really fascinating!

After looking at this list, I realize that my classes are pretty religious heavy. I’m excited because I’ve always been fascinated by religion but only took a few classes at Wash U related to religion (“Children and Childhood in World Religions” and “Homicide in the Bible (Old Testament)”). It is weird to think that I’ll be done with my second semester classes in less than 3 months. Wow, time is flying by so quickly!

Back off to finish my political science paper due Monday. I’m writing about the media portrayals of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin during the 2008 Election. Regardless of where you stand politically, I’ve read the most interesting articles. Amazing how sexism and sexist remarks on major news stations were acceptable during the 2008 Election!

Hope everyone has a wonderful May Day and if you live in Germany, enjoy the day off!


  1. Sounds like a great semester ahead! I would love to read some of the sources from your political science paper. Share?? Seems really interesting and right up my alley. Major kudos for quoting winnie the pooh. He makes an appearance on my blog soon. :) Have a great week!

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