The dreamy resort town of Aspen, high up in the mountains of Colorado, is filled with impeccable ski runs and an abundance of opulence. I headed to Aspen last month to stand beside by sorority little as she said “I do” at the summit of one of these mountains! It was a gorgeous wedding filled with three days of amazing festivities and bonding moments, including hiking Maroon Bells.

Alpaca Farm in the Cotswolds via Wayfaring With WagnerAs we meandered along the gravel road leading to Hammonds Farm B&B, I knew that the Prince and I had made the right choice staying there. An alpaca farm in the Cotswolds! What could be better than that?! When we initially planned our trip through the Cotswolds, we wanted to stay on the east side of the Cotswolds the first night. Between a 6 am flight from Hamburg to London Stansted and then having to drive a few hours, staying in Stroud (on the west side of the Cotswolds) seemed a bit ambitious. However, after booking a bit late and having very few options, I stumbled across Hammonds Farm B&B. It had just opened a month prior and looked absolutely idyllic – gorgeous views, inviting rooms, a farm onsite, and a delicious homemade breakfast. We were sold!

Heidelberg at Night via Wayfaring With WagnerA much overdue post from my long weekend in Heidelberg a few months ago! ;) I’ve talked about my love for Heidelberg numerous times (see: here and here). It also holds a special place in my heart because it is where the Prince and I first met (our love story). We’ve now made it a yearly tradition to return to Heidelberg during the May 1st long weekend, the exact weekend that we met all the way back in 2014. To me, there is no place more magical or romantic than Heidelberg – especially Heidelberg at night! I’ve outlined below some of the best places to visit in Heidelberg at night.

Ultimate Germany Bucket List via Wayfaring With Wagner

This ultimate Germany bucket list has been in the making for several months. I’ve now lived in Germany for a total of almost four years in five different locations – Mainz, Bonn, Tübingen, Heidelberg, and Hamburg. Along the way, I’ve been able to accomplish 34 out of the 50 items on this list (although my personal list continues to grow daily!). While these are some of the most cliche and typical German experiences, I’ve also listed many off-the-beaten path adventures as well. Enjoy!

The Historical Town of Dinant via Wayfaring With WagnerA couple of months ago, I clicked on an article that came up on Facebook titled, “19 Places in Europe You’ve Never Heard Of” and immediately fell in love with the historical town of Dinant, Belgium. The more I read about this town, the more I was convinced that I needed to visit it. With a population around 14,000, it is incredible the amount of amazing food, culture, history, music, and architecture crammed into this adorable town. With Ryanair flights from Hamburg to Brussels for less than 30 Euros round-trip, it took very little to convince the Prince to book tickets with me. Off we were to the historical town of Dinant a few weeks ago!

Weekend Trip to Colmar via Wayfaring With Wagner“Little Town, It’s a Quiet Village…” Did anyone else love Belle from Beauty and the Beast as much as me? Maybe it was because she had brown hair or maybe it was because she loved reading, but I think Belle is still one of my favorite Disney princesses. You can imagine my excitement when I finally got to visit Colmar, France – the inspiration behind the village in Beauty and the Beast! It’s been a bucket list item for me for many years and definitely did not disappoint. I had a perfect France weekend trip to Colmar and can’t wait to visit the region again. I might have gone a bit overboard with all the photographs but I just couldn’t help it! Everything was so beautiful.

Charming Stopover in InnsbruckWhile on our way back from our ski holiday in Serfaus, Austria this past March, I suggested to the Prince that we visit Innsbruck for a few hours. It was the departure point of our night train back to Hamburg and a great way to break up our journey! We were able to stroll around the city, bask in some sunshine, soak in breathtaking views, eat delicious apple strudel, and obviously drink local beer. I may not officially be Beer Time With Wagner anymore but I still enjoy a good beer ;) If traveling through Austria, I’d highly suggest a charming stopover in Innsbruck!

The Hamptons of Northern Germany via Wayfaring With WagnerHere’s a fun fact – did you know that Northern Germany borders both the Baltic Sea and North Sea!? Most people forget that the country has an extensive water border and thus, is home to quite a few islands. Living in Hamburg, the Prince and I are no more than a 2-hour drive from most islands! When deciding where to go for the Easter holidays, we didn’t want to stray too far from the Prince’s hometown of Kiel. I’d been begging to go to the island of Sylt for ages and we just so happened to book one of the last rooms on the entire island! While Sylt is officially part of Germany, it actually straddles the border of Germany and Denmark when looking at a map.

Traditional Village in the Austrian Alps via Wayfaring With WagnerThis trip was one for the bucket list. After countless European winters passing and no trip to the Alps, I finally got to fulfill this item the end of March. The Prince’s mother asked us way back in October if we wanted to go on this vacation with her and the rest of the family. Before she was done speaking, I had already requested the time off of work and began organizing all the clothing and equipment I needed to bring back from the USA at Christmas time.

traveling with a chronic condition via Wayfaring With Wagner

I’ve been pretty open on my blog about being a two-time childhood cancer survivor. It’s such a huge part of my personal identity and a source of pride for me. But what I haven’t really talked about are the side effects that come along with being a cancer survivor, including traveling with a chronic condition. I’m really lucky in the fact that most of the side effects doctors told my parents could occur, didn’t occur (mental and physical disabilities as well as not going through puberty). However, I do suffer from lymphedema in my right leg which causes it to swell under certain circumstances. Lymphedema is when the lymph system (usually of a limb) stops working properly. In my case, all the lymph fluid goes to my right foot/leg but due to a malfunctioning lymph system in my right leg, it is unable to get back up. This causes my right foot/leg to swell due to the pooling of fluid.

Throughout my adventures around Europe, I’ve learned how to travel with a chronic condition. Hopefully if you have a chronic condition and are unsure about traveling, this post can alleviate your fears and help you plan your dream vacation!