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German-American Love Story via Wayfaring With Wagner

One of the most commonly asked questions on my blog and via email is “Tell me your German-American love story with the Prince!” To understand my love story with the Prince, you have to go all the way back to May 2014! Remember that ball I attended with my best guy friend (see the post here)?! Well, our story together starts that night!

When I met the Prince, I wasn’t looking for a relationship at all. I knew (or I thought) I would be moving back to the USA after my graduate program in Germany ended in April 2015. Boy, was I wrong! I think Germany might be stuck with me now ;)

German-American Love Story via Wayfaring With Wagner

The Prince came to the ball because his fraternity and my best guy friend’s fraternity have a partnership together (along with 4 other fraternities). They support each other and organize events together. Ironically, the night I met the Prince, my best guy friend met his now girlfriend. There must have been something in the water there!

I saw the Prince across the room, got so many butterflies in my stomach, and immediately asked my best guy friend who he was. He replied, “You need to meet him…you two would get along so well!” I should note that the Prince had actually noticed me at a lunch the day prior. He told me a few months after we started dating that we sat two seats apart and he even remembered the exact dress I was wearing! He mentioned that he really wanted to talk to me and thought I was cute but assumed I was dating my best guy friend (oops!)

German-American Love Story via Wayfaring With Wagner

After randomly going up to him at the ball, neither of us really remembers the conversation we had that night. It was a more “hi” in passing conversation! After crashing at the venue for the ball, I woke up the next morning (ummm, maybe more like midday), and ran into the Prince with a few other friends drinking beer in the lobby! They invited me to join them and I distinctly remember them getting really excited when I shared similar political beliefs as them.

I actually spent most of that time talking to the Prince’s best friend and we friended each other on Facebook. I later found out from the Prince after we started dating that he was jealous I never friended him so he took it upon himself to friend me! The next day, my best guy friend convinced me that I needed to Facebook message him (I mean, talk about 21st century romance). I’d never ever ever done that before but kind of was like, “Well, I’ll never see him again so what do I have to lose!”

We wrote back and forth a few times but then it just kind of fizzled out. It was enjoyable talking but I think we both assumed, “Ok, you’re a nice person but we will never meet again.” I kind of forgot about him until one day, in March 2015 (10 months after our last correspondence), I received a Facebook message out-of-the-blue from him. I had put a status up about me leaving Germany for Croatia and he saw it. Oh ya, he was also day-drinking with a friend who convinced him to write me ;) I remember getting butterflies in my stomach and being so excited over the message.

For the next few months, we casually messaged back-and-forth on Facebook. However, in August, I thought to myself, “This is ridiculous, we just need to email each other.” So I gave him my email address and he (surprisingly!) took it as a hint to email me. A few weeks later, I told him I wanted to send him a video from my iPhone and sneakily asked for his phone number ;)

German-American Love Story via Wayfaring With Wagner

Looking back at all our messages and emails (I’ve saved every single correspondence), I remember thinking, “He writes so so so formally!” I found out after we started dating that he hadn’t really spoken or written English since high school (6-7 years ago) and was nervous/worried about writing something that wasn’t correct. He told me he’d spend hours composing these messages and emails to me with a dictionary opened in the next browser tab. And yes, these messages and emails ended up being more like mini novels!!!

By the time I moved to Edinburgh in September 2015, I was hardcore crushing on the Prince. However, I couldn’t tell whether he had romantic feelings for me or only platonic feelings because his emails were so formal!!! Trust me, I must have talked to my sister a hundred million times about this. However, I reached a point where a) I needed to know his intentions and b) these messages were getting stupid without actually seeing each other.

German-American Love Story via Wayfaring With Wagner

The end of September/beginning of October 2015, I started slowly dropping hints about American Thanksgiving the end of November and that he should come for it. He kept side-stepping the question or not fully answering it. I would send him a reminder every single day to buy his plane tickets. At the beginning of November, I sent him a text that ticket prices were going up (confession: they weren’t really…only by like 2 or 3 pounds but I needed to convince him) and I received a screenshot back of his booked tickets. This is where I had an “Oh shit, he’s actually coming to visit” moment!

When I picked him up at the airport, I remember him being so so so formal (are you sensing a pattern here?!) and I still couldn’t tell if he liked me! I mean, this trip was either going to be amazing or a complete disaster. The entire bus ride back to my apartment, I did 95% of the talking and honestly thought he couldn’t speak. I later found out he was so nervous to speak English!

German-American Love Story via Wayfaring With Wagner

Thanksgiving was the perfect event because a bunch of other Germans attended it. We actually found out we had a mutual friend! A girl I met in Edinburgh and invited to Thanksgiving knew the Prince from some political organizations in Kiel, Germany, his hometown.

Needless to say, while we hit it off that weekend he visited, we both were like, “Ya, we like each other but a relationship doesn’t make sense right now because of the distance!” haha, how we changed our minds a few weeks later when I visited him in Hamburg and we decided to start dating. To be honest, the Easyjet non-stop flight from Hamburg to Edinburgh is cheaper than most trains from Edinburgh to London or Hamburg to Munich!

German-American Love Story via Wayfaring With Wagner

So here we are, exactly a year later (December 12th he asked me to be his girlfriend)..totally in love and in the sappiest way possible, I couldn’t imagine not having him in my life! We spent the first few months forming a relationship while traveling all around Europe. However, it is nice to finally be settled down, living together, and beginning our lives together in Hamburg.

To me, it is so so so crazy to see how one small, seemingly insignificant moment in your life can influence so many greater things.

If I hadn’t taken German in 9th grade (much to my mother’s dismay who rooted for Spanish). If I hadn’t taken German at university when I couldn’t get into a math class. If I hadn’t had such a great professor who convinced me to continue studying German. If I hadn’t taken a random class outside my majors and seen the advertisement for the graduate program in Heidelberg. If I hadn’t decided to risk it, move halfway around the world, and study in Heidelberg. If I hadn’t gone to the ball with my best guy friend. If I hadn’t gotten up the courage to speak to the Prince that night. If I hadn’t gotten the courage to then message him afterwards! If he hadn’t decided to message me again in March 2015. If I hadn’t decided to go to graduate school in Edinburgh. If I hadn’t decided to invite him to Thanksgiving.

German-American Love Story via Wayfaring With Wagner

Right before the Prince arrived in Edinburgh for the first time, I remember calling my Mom and being so nervous. I distinctly remember her saying, “Jordan, the circumstances that led to you two coming together is much more than a coincidence. Fate played a major role in you two meeting. I just have a feeling he’s the one for you.” (but seriously, no pressure to the Prince ;) haha)

I’ve found my “one” and I want to see him every day for the rest of my life. I still get those same butterflies every time I see him, just like that first night in Heidelberg 2.5 years ago. So PROST, to our wonderful love story and one year together. Here’s to a lifetime of memories to come! And you blog readers should feel honored that you’ve been here from the very beginning!

German-American Love Story via Wayfaring With Wagner

** All photos by MaryBeth Chappelear, another crazy American who fell in love with a German ;) She’s a fabulous photographer! You can connect with her on Instagram or Etsy!

*** These are our Christmas card photos this year! :) 


  1. <3 !!!!! This is so beautiful. And you do sound so perfect for each other!! I love the way he looks at you! Congrats and I wish you a lot of happiness for the upcoming years!

  2. So cute! Your story is much more romantic than mine. (To paraphrase: got drunk and kissed him because he was too shy to make a move.)

  3. I loved reading this, Jordan!! Such a sweet story and I can totally relate! I studied abroad in Brussels and my roommate and I wanted to do some traveling for spring break and we almost went to Cologne instead of Berlin, but at the last minute the flights on EasyJet dropped and it ended up being cheaper so we did that – in our hostel room I met my future husband! We became super quick friends and 3 months later he was visiting me back in Washington, D.C, from the UK! And then we got married a couple of years later and now we’re back living in Berlin full circle. Thanks so much for sharing your story :)

  4. You two are sooooo perfect for each other and I couldn’t be more thrilled for your future together! Peter is loving, caring, doting, funny, and so very sweet!!

  5. So cute! Really love the pictures! You’re so adorable with how you hold your foot in the picture of you two standing on the bridge ;)

  6. my favorite pieces are the behind the scenes where you caught his eye the day before and I can only imagine how nervous he was writing/speaking in English while you’re like – um, formal much? ;) love you two cuties!

  7. Awe so sweet! I just love an international love story, they are just so magical. And I agree with your mom, I think fate just brings people together in the craziest way and you are meant to be together.

  8. I feel the same way about mine. So many moments that connect us. The path being drawn way before we are conscious of it.

    By the way we are coming up to Hamburg, as we do always, for Christmas. Maybe we could meet up for a Gluwein at the market.

  9. John Wagner Reply

    Love this post. Peter is such a great guy and we loved welcoming him into the family. Having true love is a gift from God…enjoy the blessing…xoxoxo Dad

    PS: Your credit card bills that I pay have diminished dramatically…:)

  10. Dinda Fatimah Reply

    Jordan, this is so beautiful. Have a great life with your prince in Germany. Would love to meet you and talk about things when you’re planning to visit Indonesia someday :)

  11. I LOVE THIS!!! You guys are seriously the cutest couple and have the best love story! And your mom is right…fate played a part in this, for sure. I’m so happy that you’re so happy! :)

  12. That is so cute! I remember going for afternoon tea with Mel and you were telling us about not being sure haha so great that a year later you’re in a happy relationship together and both in Germany! Wishing you many many more happy memories together :) xx

  13. YESSSSS!! I’m so pumped that I checked back here today. I’ve been dying to hear this story since I found out you were dating someone! So so so cute, Jordan. I’m so happy for you!

  14. Oh I am crying, this is so romantic and beautiful. You two look great together. Sie (beide) sind so Hubsch (I am learning German). Thanks for sharing this beautifully written love story. I started to read your blog, because I like travel blogs. Merry Christmas, Frohe weihnachten.

  15. What a lovely story, fate certainly lent a hand in you 2 coming together. I had one date with my now hubby and then went on a Hong Kong trip so we had quite a bit of time emailing each other before meeting up again and I really think that helps build up friendship which is what it’s all about in the end!

  16. What a lovely love story, guys. You made me feel like I need a guy in my life!!! :) You look absolutely lovely together and your pictures made my day. x :)

  17. sweetest story!!!! i loved hearing about him over tea last year in scotland :) love reading more here! xox

  18. This is so cute! What a great story. I like that it kind of always seemed like right thing/wrong time with all the traveling you were doing, but you guys didn’t let that stop you. Thanks for sharing :)

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