Another Easter holiday, another German island! Much like our plans of Easter 2017, the Prince and I decided to head back out to a German island again. While Sylt is considered the ritzy island of Germany, we wanted a new experience this Easter and decided to opt for the island of Rügen. Located in northeast Germany on the Baltic Sea, the island used to be part of East Germany. Rügen is both the largest German island by land mass and number of yearly visitors. Between the resort architecture, charming seaside towns, sandy beaches, chalk cliffs, lighthouses, and the infamous Prora structure, there are so many historical places to visit on Rügen! While the Prince and I only had 24 hours on the island, we were able to tackle all the highlights (with plans on returning soon!).

When I initially moved to Germany, the allure of castles and fairy tales dictated my travels. And let’s be honest, after living in Germany for almost five years, my love of castles and small German towns has only increased. I’m constantly on the hunt for the most beautiful German towns, especially the charming fairy tale towns of Germany. While some of the below towns might actually be the inspiration behind some of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales, they all look like they could come directly out of a fairy tale with the colorful architecture, cobblestone streets, and winding alleyways. Below, my readers and I have outlined the best fairy tale towns in Germany!

2 Days in Berlin Itinerary via Wayfaring With Wagner

Berlin is one of the most complex and historical cities. It was the first major city I ever visited in Europe back in 2007 and still remains one of my favorites. For being only an 80-minute train ride away from Hamburg, I hadn’t been back to Berlin for almost 4 years! After attending a conference in the city a few weeks ago, I decided to stay an extra day and reminisce by doing some of my favorite touristy activities. Although I’ve now visited about 8 times since 2007, the city never gets old to me – constantly changing and reinventing itself. If you only have 2 days in Berlin, this is the perfect itinerary to introduce you to Berlin and the most popular landmarks.

With the allure of a chocolate festival, I made my way to the southern Germany town of Tübingen (also known as Tuebingen or Tubingen to English speakers). While this town was named one of Germany’s most photogenic towns, it holds a special place in my heart for an entirely different reason – it’s where I studied abroad 6 years ago! Tübingen was actually home to the first “Beer Time With Wagner” blog when I was still on the WordPress free platform. Even though the blog initially died out after a month, it made a reappearance in 2013 and the name stuck until I rebranded a year ago. It was wonderful to finally be back in Tübingen in wintertime – filled with lots of yummy cafes, snowy side streets, and a sense of coziness.

Dealing with Motion Sickness via Wayfaring With Wagner

Confessions of a 27-year-old travel blogger – I still get horrible motion sickness. For most of my life, I’ve always had to deal with motion sickness, although to varying degrees. It doesn’t matter the mode of transportation – plane, train, automobile, boat – I get it with any sort of movement (even during 3D movies and motion simulator rides). As a child, I would get it quite badly. Considering that my family frequently took long road trips, I learned early on how to manage it. It got much better throughout my teenage years but steadily became worse again in my 20s. I distinctly remember being on a transatlantic flight a few years ago and just running to the bathroom multiple times. I don’t think I was ever happier to land and get off the plane. Thankfully, throughout the years, I’m come up with tips for dealing with motion sickness, avoiding triggers, and planning strategically!

With a country full of castles, fairy tales, and even a Romantic Road, how could Germany not be romantic?! I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day and can’t resist visiting as many romantic places in Germany as possible (including a getaway last weekend to Bamberg). Whether you travel with your significant other, your family, or even just great friends, here is a list of 8 extremely romantic places in Germany that you must visit!* The best part? Most of these are totally doable as weekend trips in Germany (thank you Deutsche Bahn and an amazing transportation system!).

*romantic places is also interchangeable for absolutely adorable, colorful, and quaint German towns

Things to Do in Sibiu, Romania via Wayfaring With Wagner


High on my bucket list – but never achievable – was the country of Romania. While living in Bulgaria, I tried to make it to Romania. You’d be surprise how difficult it is getting between the capital cities of Sofia and Bucharest! Thus, when I saw tickets for less than 100 Euros round trip (for both me and the Prince!), I snatched them up and off we went for a (long) weekend road trip through Transylvania. Out of all the places we visited, Sibiu was the biggest and best surprise! Here are some our favorite things to do in Sibiu, Romania along with basic information to help your trip run smoothly!

Looking Back on 2017 via Wayfaring With Wagner

What a year it has been! 2017 is going down in the books as one of the best yet. On a personal note, this has been a year of highs for me. The Prince and I turned 26 years old in January and February and at the end of this year, we celebrated two years together! It seems like only yesterday I was inviting him to Scotland and our love story began – can’t wait to see what the future holds for us in 2018 (hint, hint to the Prince!). Our flat is pretty much complete (we might have gone to IKEA again yesterday – it never ends!) and it feels great to have a place to call home. Since 2009, I haven’t lived in one place longer than 9 months. Come visit – we absolutely adore our flat and neighborhood, and enjoy hosting people!

A Magical Day Trip to Kaysersberg, France via Wayfaring With WagnerI know that Colmar, France is considered the inspiration for Beauty and the Beast but the writers clearly didn’t pass through the Alsace town of Kaysersberg, France! I arrived in Colmar on a Saturday morning and immediately dropped my bags in my hotel before catching a bus for a magical day trip to Kaysersberg, France. Due to multiple recommendations and an overabundance of Pinterest photos, I knew that I had to visit this adorable town. While the bus schedule was a bit confusing (more about that below!), Kaysersberg was less than an hour bus ride from Colmar. If you’re ever in the Alsace region, you must take a day trip to this fairy tale town.