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May 1st is a major public holiday in Germany…the equivalent of Labor Day in the United States. This year, May 1st fell on a Thursday which meant the celebrations lasted the entire weekend! While I didn’t do anything on May 1st (it was rainy and cold), I had quite an eventful weekend. It is safe to say that by the end of the weekend the score was Maifest/Maiball/Weekend: 1, Jordan: 0. Regardless, I had such a lovely weekend!

My friend, Greg, is the President of his fraternity here in Heidelberg and invited me as his date to their annual Maiball. To say I was a ball of nerves was an understatement (pun totally intended). Yes, I have been to many sorority/fraternity semi-formals and formals in the United States but this was different. Ummm, guys, I’ve never waltzed before! :) They all have tons of obscure etiquette rules and it is hard to learn and remember all of them.

Maiball 2014 via Wayfaring With Wagner
Maiball 2014 via Wayfaring With WagnerGreg and I managed to learn how to waltz 6 hours before the ball began. Did I mention that because he was President, the two of us, alone, had to waltz in front of everyone? Oh goodness, I felt bad for pestering Greg to teach me how to waltz but we managed to pull it off in the final hours :) I think we convinced a few people that we actually knew what we were doing! And I screwed up the second step…in front of everyone. Thankfully, we were able to save ourselves (myself?).

Maiball 2014 via Wayfaring With WagnerThe Maiball was amazing and I got to meet so many other men from other fraternities around Germany. I kept telling Greg how funny it was that two Americans were opening a German fraternity’s ball. Speaking about being American…I think there tends to be a weird allure/fascination/intrigue with me at situations like this because: 1) I’m American. 2) I was in an American sorority (and they love asking all sorts of questions about that). and 3) I was an American cheerleader. Pretty much I’m a walking stereotype. However, this leads to funny conversations and beer drink-offs with fraternity guys at 1 am ;)

Maiball 2014 via Wayfaring With WagnerI ended up spending the next morning (ok, afternoon) talking and drinking with some guys from fraternities in Kiel and Tuebingen. I studied abroad in Tuebingen a few years ago and would love to eventually visit Kiel (sailing!). Later that night, I came back over to the fraternity for a more low-key event. It ended with all the guys singing “My Old Kentucky Home,” horribly off-key, to celebrate Greg being from Kentucky and the Kentucky Derby happening that day in the USA!

What a fun, fun weekend! I wish I had taken more pictures…this will have to do :)


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun and you look gorgeous :) I had to learn to waltz at school… I was terrible at it and my partner was about a foot shorter than me – I can’t begin to imagine what a sight we were ;)

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