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I think the title says it all! Because being a two-time childhood cancer survivor and 22 years cancer free today means I get to use Taylor Swift’s song “22” TWICE in my life.

So cheers to 22 years cancer free! And another 22, and another 22, and another 22…


  1. Christine | A Keane Sense of Adventure Reply

    Awe love this! Congrats Jordan! I love your dad’s comment… guest post in the future? lol

  2. 22 years ago today, Kim Wagner​ and I were told that Jordan Beck Wagner​ was cancer free after two bouts with cancer and multiple treatments/surgeries. I cannot even begin to describe how difficult it is to have a child go through this type of ordeal before her 3rd birthday. After the news we went home and I poured the largest glass of scotch-on-the-rocks that I ever had. I sat quietly, sipped and cried. I couldn’t comprehend the enormity of what has just happened…and even today I have tears streaming down my face as I write this. The imprint on all of us is immeasurable and, in many ways, redefined me. The only thing I know for sure is that God’s healing grace touched Jordan…and I am forever blessed, thankful and joyous. When I finally let go of holding Jordan on my lap 22 years ago today she took off running the second her feet hit the floor. She has never stopped…. Happy Anniversary to my Sweet Pea who is enjoying life in Sarajevo today. Enjoy your day and I just love you sooooooooooooooooooo much. xoxoxo Dad

    • Such a joyous and touching story. Also, my parents’ nickname for me was “Sweet Pea” too!

  3. And the way you are celebrating <3 .. priceless! Your parent's comments has me in tears, I'm so happy for you!!

  4. Aww, this is amazing. Congratulations!! (Your dads comment made me all teary eyed, darn him!)

  5. William A. Billy (Uncle Sonny) Reply

    Your Dad’s comment is a tough one to follow. I still have the newspaper article from 20 0dd years ago. I too
    know what it’s like to be in remission. Exactly 5 years today I had surgery for Colon Cancer followed by 6 months of
    Chemo and now I’m 84. I know it was different for you being so young but with the professional help, the LOVE, and the prayers you are going to see 22 plus 22 plus 22 and who knows after that. We love you Jordan. Uncle Sonny

  6. I had no idea, but good for you and thank God that you’re happy and healthy. I cannot imagine what your mother went through, I would go nuts. She must be a strong lady.

  7. Congrats girl, and love the comment from your dad :) Such an accomplishment, and keep doing what you’re doing! :D

  8. What an amazing day and feeling for you…your Dad’s comment is perfect! I didn’t know about this part of your life before, but it is wonderful that you are doing well and have been able to completely embrace life- all of the good and bad things. Like you said, here’s to another 22 years, then 22 more, and 22 more, and 22 more until the end of time!

  9. Congrats on the anniversary! Your dad’s comment is so touching. Thank you for finding my blog and I hope we can meet up somewhere in Europe!

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