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Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends both near and far! I’m spending another Thanksgiving 4,000 miles away from home but I’m lucky enough to have my younger sister, Loren, in Heidelberg with me this holiday season. Hopefully, you’re around the ones you love and care about this Thanksgiving.

+ I’m thankful for my parents and their unending love and support in everything I do in my life. Definitely the best parents in the entire world. Hands down no competition.
+ I’m thankful for my six siblings. Love them to bunches.
+ I’m thankful
for my crazy, wonderful grandparents, my lovely Aunt and Uncle, and all my other relatives scattered across the USA and world!
+ I’m thankful
for celebrating another year cancer-free this past May and for my continued good health.
+ I’m thankful
for my education and all the continuing educational opportunities I have in life.
+ I’m thankful for all my travel adventures and the wonderful memories I’ve made all around Europe this past year.
+ I’m thankful that I’m from a country and live in a country in which women can aspire to do whatever they want in life. So yes, I will be running for President of the United States one day.
+ I’m thankful for being able to live abroad!
+ I’m thankful for all my friends, both in Europe and the United States (and across the world!). And for the wonders of Skype, iMessage, email, social media, and handwritten letters for keeping me in contact with all of them
+ I’m thankful for all the wonderful friends I’ve made through the blogging community! To meeting up with Annie from Montgomery Fest in Belgium to dinners with Margo from The Overseas Escape and coffee dates with Melanie from Melanie Fontaine, I’ve really made such a great group of friends! :)
+ I’m thankful for coffee, for helping to get me through each day :) (and for beer, helping me get through each night)!
+ …and I’m thankful for YOU, dear reader. For being so supportive and encouraging this past year.

Happy Thanksgiving to those near and far. I hope you have a wonderful day, eat lots of turkey, laugh with those you love…and Go Detroit Lions!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! It’s not a thing for me but it’s interesting reading what all your Americans are thankful for ;-) I hope your sister enjoys her stay… just in time for the Christmas markets :-)

    • Exactly! We’ve already been to the Heidelberg Christmas Market twice (including the day it opened). I still have a stomach ache from everything I ate yesterday! xo

    • I guess she can be our soulsista as well but I’m soulsista #1 and she is soulsista #2. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Justin!!! xo

  2. John Wagner Reply

    Happy Thanksgving, my sweet daughter. Miss ya, love ya and see you soon!

  3. I really loved reading this because I feel like I got to know you a little better! And also, gratitude is just awesome! This is a great list! Happy belated thanksgiving ;)

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