Smoking in Germany

For as many times as I’ve visited and lived in Germany, this question still gets me. Why is smoking so much more prevalent in Germany than in the USA? I’d say on most issues, Germans are far ahead of Americans. However, this is one area where Americans are doing much better. None of my friends in the USA smoke and it is just seen as really disgusting by most people. Most states now have laws either banning smoking in public places or limiting it to help eliminate secondhand smoke. Furthermore, the smoking rates continue to drop in the United States.

So why do so many people smoke in Germany? It amazes me the amount of educated, smart young individuals (university-educated) that insist on smoking. In their fairness, smoking is far more of a social habit in Germany, especially when drinking…but still, I don’t approve :) I don’t understand why people would purposely do something so harmful to their body.Β  It is hard for me to comprehend why someone would do something to their body that causes cancer, especially when I had a cancer that wasn’t preventable!

I’ve never smoke a cigarette. Actually, I’ve never smoke anything…not even hookah. Germany, get with the program and start encouraging young citizens to not even smart smoking! And German men, smoking is such an unattractive quality. Am I really going to want to kiss you if you’ve just been smoking? NO.

Maybe I’m missing something here (I was a public health minor) but I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on this issue. Why do Germans smoke so much?

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