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Be prepared to hop on the next flight or train to Salzburg after viewing these pictures!

I headed to Salzburg this past Thursday and finally got to live out every childhood dream I’ve had since watching “The Sound of Music” on VHS so long ago :) Somehow, I also seem to be so extremely lucky and get the best weather when I travel. Salzburg continued this streak with gorgeous blue skies and a temperature around 50F (10C).

I plan on doing a few posts in the next week or two outlining suggestions for a day trip to Salzburg as well as my own Sound of Music tour (so you don’t have to pay like 30-40 Euros to go with a tour group!). However, I was just too excited with how my pictures turned out and wanted to share a few (plus I have an obsession with my new camera)!

I suggest you start planning your next trip to Salzburg!

Salzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerThe famous Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg. I was amazed how green it was during this time of year!

Salzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerThe Old City of Salzburg. Right behind me in this picture was Mozart’s birthplace :)

Salzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerStarting the day with sweet pastries and a coffee at the famous Cafe Tomaselli. It was a recommendation from my godmother and did not disappoint!

Salzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerThe amazing Salzburg Cathedral was truly stunning and it was hard choosing which pictures to share (don’t worry, I plan on posting more in a future post). After being bombed during World War II, the rebuilding finished in 1959.

Salzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerThe cemetery behind St. Peter’s Abbey. Any true Sound of Music fan should be able to figure out which scene was filmed here :)

Salzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerThe Hohensalzburg Castle (also known in German as the High Salzburg Fortress), high atop a hill in Salzburg, watches over the entire city. And man, those blue skies. You really couldn’t beat them!

Salzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerOne side of the castle gave this amazing view while the other side offered this view…

Salzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerSalzburg via Wayfaring With WagnerHave you visited Salzburg? What did you think of it? Check back in the next week or so for more in-depth posts on Salzburg!


  1. Hey Jordan,
    Amazing photos! And I luuuuv your brown coat!
    If I haven’t said yet, I also really like the ‘new’ website.
    You won’t believe it, but I’m in Germany this semester doing a research internship. I just arrived this past weekend and after looking at your pics I truly can’t wait to visit Salzburg! Plus, I too have an obsession for anything related to The Sound of Music. :)

    • Jordan Reply

      Hi Kathleen! I’m so happy to hear from you!!! I just got your email and will reply back ASAP! Yay for meeting up again :) xo

  2. Well, your post has definitely made me want to book a trip to Salzburg! I was there once around ten years ago, so unfortunately did not really appreciate my time there. Just wanted to stop by and say hi, I found your blog through Kaelene! Like you, I’m also an American expat- living over in Sweden! Jealous of your location in Germany and the ease of travel. Isn’t living in Europe the best in terms of traveling and new experiences?!

    • Jordan Reply

      Hi Samantha! Thanks so much for stopping by :) yay for being expat twins…don’t you just love Sweden!? I’ve been to Lund and Stockholm but definitely need to explore that country more :) And yes, I’m so lucky being in Germany (and near Frankfurt!). I can pretty much catch a cheap flight or train to anywhere in Europe! xo

    • Jordan Reply

      I got so lucky with the weather! Can’t wait to swap stories with you (and great running into you today!) xo

    • Jordan Reply

      Hi Bri! Thanks so much for stopping by :))) and thanks for the sweet words about my photos! xo

  3. 1. Like……is that sky even real????? Its so beautiful it looks fake!
    2. Your coat…WHERE did you get it? I need that.
    3. This is making me drool over going back to Austria. I didn’t go to Salzburg and I’m so upset!

    • Jordan Reply

      hahahaha you’re too adorable Sara!
      1) YES! That sky is real…can you believe it!?!
      2) My coat is BB Dakota about 4 seasons ago! I got it on sale for $25 (originally $150!) and I wear is EVERYWHERE!
      3) When you move to Europe, you should probably go back to Austria to see Salzburg!

      • Jordan Reply

        Thanks for the recommendation! Yes, I bought it a few years ago so it definitely isn’t being produced anymore.

  4. wowowowow! Gorgeous photos!! I don’t even know where to start. Salzburg looks amazing.

    Also yes about Carnival! (see my other comment)

    • Jordan Reply

      hehehe thanks so much Marianne!!! I got so extremely lucky with the weather!!!

  5. I visited Salzburg in April and it was such a dream! You got some amazing shots. I love that light beam shining through!!!

    • Jordan Reply

      Thanks so much Ashley! I got so lucky with the amazing weather and blue skies!

  6. I can’t believe you managed to get gorgeous blue skies AGAIN! It was raining for DAYS here!

    Gorgeous photos! I loved Salzburg, but when I was there it was cooold. Kind of inevitable being New Year!

    My mum is the world’s biggest Sound of Music fan. I took a picture of the gazeebo from the film just for her.

    • Jordan Reply

      Whenever I see blue skies when I’m traveling, I think of you :) It started snowing Saturday right before I left but it was still gorgeous! I’m beyond obsessed with the Sound of Music!!! I know every line and every song :) xo

    • Jordan Reply

      Thanks so much!!! You’d love Salzburg :) I actually got the coat extremely on sale like 4 years ago…haha!

  7. Weeee, what amazing pictures. You’re such a great photographer! Now, give me your coat.

    • Jordan Reply

      teeehehe I’m hiding my coat from you the next time I come over :)))) And trust me, you’re my photograph inspiration! xo

    • Jordan Reply

      Thanks so much Sara! Working on getting a few more posts written this week and next week xo

  8. Wow, your pictures are absolutely amazing! Both thumbs up! I do quite like Salzburg, too… And Mozartkugeln :)

    • Jordan Reply

      Thank you so much! It was such a fun day trip and I definitely got awesome weather!!! I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago…you and your husband are adorable! xo

  9. Alyson from Alyson Cornman Photography Reply

    I haven’t seen The Sound of Music in forever but you have convinced me that all I want to do after work tonight is to watch it:) Gorgeous photos!

    • Jordan Reply

      Thanks so much and you should definitely watch the movie :) I downloaded it on my laptop so I literally watch it all the time…it never gets old! xo

  10. I’m a huge fan of The Sound of Music too so going through your post and photos was a real treat. I don’t don’t why I’ve never thought to add Salzburg to my travel bucket list, it’s obviously where I belong ;) Can’t wait to hear more about this beautiful city.

    • Jordan Reply

      Thanks so much Pearl!!! If you’re a huge Sound of Music fan, you definitely need to go to Salzburg!!! It was a great city :) I’m hoping to upload my Sound of Music tour guide this week so keep on the lookout :)

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