I mentioned this in my previous post on Salzburg, Austria here but I’m beyond OBSESSED with the Sound of Music. It always makes me laugh that the Germans and Austrians have no idea what the Sound of Music is when I mention it. I grew up watching this movie (remember how it had two VHS tapes?) and can literally recite every scene and song.

My family secretly thinks of ourselves as the “von Wagner” family. I mean, there are 5 girls and 2 boys in my family…and we are almost in the correct order as in the Sound of Music. My siblings and I *may* have acted out the songs when we were young kids!

Be prepared to hop on the next flight or train to Salzburg after viewing these pictures!

I headed to Salzburg this past Thursday and finally got to live out every childhood dream I’ve had since watching “The Sound of Music” on VHS so long ago :) Somehow, I also seem to be so extremely lucky and get the best weather when I travel. Salzburg continued this streak with gorgeous blue skies and a temperature around 50F (10C).