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It started out with me taking a break while I went on a one week trip through the Balkans before I moved to Sofia, Bulgaria. And somehow that one week turned into a month?! But honestly, it made me realize just how much I love blogging and how I want to put so much more work into blogging. I haven’t even blogged about Sofia and I’ve now been here over 5 weeks! Time is flying by…I leave to go back to Michigan for 7 weeks on July 18th. To be honest, I’m ready. 100% ready to get home, decompress, RELAX, and let my parents spoil me before I head off to Edinburgh, Scotland to start business school!

I think my biggest issue is that I’ve been working 9-12 hour days (depending) plus leaving after work every Friday to travel until Sunday night. I then wake up Monday and start everything over again. I’m just exhausted!!! I can’t complain because I’ve seen some amazing places in Central and Eastern Europe. This is, by far, the most underrated region in the world. Before I got here, I had no idea that Bulgaria offered so much!!! Did you know that there is a mountain in Sofia? Ya, pretty cool.

Without further ado, here’s where I’ve been the past month and a half!


Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerLJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerHVAR ISLAND, CROATIA

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerPLITVICE LAKES NATIONAL PARK, CROATIA

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerDUBROVNIK, CROATIA

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerKOTOR, MONTENEGRO

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerMOSTAR, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerSARAJEVO, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerSOFIA, BULGARIA

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerRILA MONASTERY, BULGARIA

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerVITOSHA MOUNTAIN, BULGARIA (SUMMIT)

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerKAZANLAK, BULGARIA (ROSE FESTIVAL)

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerSKOPJE, MACEDONIA

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerTHESSALONIKI, GREECE

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerPLOVDIV, BULGARIA

Spring Travel 2015 via Wayfaring With WagnerThat laugh and smile at the end? That’s for all of you that I’ve missed so dearly. I promise to never take another one month break because I’ve missed this space so much! Thanks for following me on this crazy adventure!


  1. So many awesome destinations!! Can’t wait for the day when I’ll see you again, so that we can catch up on all your recent adventures in person!! :)

  2. William A. Billy (Uncle Sonny) Reply

    Hi Jordan, What a lucky girl you are. I had to join the U. S. Navy to see the world and I had to go where they chose. Know you are anxious to get home. Rachel had a birthday yesterday and mentioned she had her plane ticket to visit you all.
    Lots of love, Uncle Sonny

  3. Wow, your photos are gorgeous! I hope you’ll eventually get the time to share more from each place you’ve visited!!

  4. Wow! Look at you exploring the world :) Love your pics!! Glad you are back, I bet you are coming back with a million of stories to tell!

  5. !!!!! that photo of you = LOVE!! apparently your laugh is contagious even over the internet because i can’t stop smiling right now! this list is insane. theres my rose bud (the guy….get it?)

  6. Great to find you via Travel Tuesday! I agree with you, that Central/Eastern Europe is totally underrated. I haven’t been yet (does Prague still count?), but planning a lot of great times there in the next few years! Keep enjoying the beauty of the area!

  7. Woah lady, you have been busy. But looking at all the places you have traveled, I really must say that you shouldn’t apologize for not blogging, because you’re out there making those experiences! Can’t wait to see photos when you have the time though. ;)

  8. Christine Keane Reply

    I love that last picture of you!!! I would be smiling from ear to ear too if I got to visit all those goorgeous places!!! Glad you’re back! Can’t wait to read all about your trips!

  9. Wow you really have been busy! Sounds like the break was necessary, and what lovely places you’ve been to. I look forward to hearing all about them, when you have the time!

  10. Wow, so many beautiful photos and places! It looks like you’ve really made the most of your time abroad. I can relate, though, to your excitement to return to the comforts of home for awhile.

  11. J-Dog! Your travels are as amazing as you are, and I am glad that I could be apart of your crazy adventure! It has been pretty sweet and the only bitter will be saying goodbye. But I am glad that you are going to spread that smile around the world, including to the trolls in Traverse, and hopefully (sooner than later) I’ll get to see it again.

  12. Hey! My name is Micah, and we actually have met in person in ‘Coffee Nerd’ in Heidelberg! I loved this post, and I hope all is well :)

  13. Drooling over your photos… big surprise there ;) But honestly, these pictures inspire me to explore more of Central & Eastern Europe. Too much wanderlust to handle!! I hope you’re enjoying being back home in Michigan!

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