There’s no better way to experience a city than eating your way through it! On my first trip to Greece I knew I wanted to take a food tour (still don’t know how I haven’t been to Greece before now!). I reached out to Urban Adventures and booked the Tastes of Thessaloniki food tour. And man, did they pull out all the stops! I had the sweetest guide Tereza, who was my age. The only other person on the tour was also around my age so we were able to discuss much more than food. I was in Greece about a week before the referendum and given that I study politics, I nicely grilled Tereza about the entire situation. It was so fascinating to get her perspective!

It started out with me taking a break while I went on a one week trip through the Balkans before I moved to Sofia, Bulgaria. And somehow that one week turned into a month?! But honestly, it made me realize just how much I love blogging and how I want to put so much more work into blogging. I haven’t even blogged about Sofia and I’ve now been here over 5 weeks! Time is flying by…I leave to go back to Michigan for 7 weeks on July 18th. To be honest, I’m ready. 100% ready to get home, decompress, RELAX, and let my parents spoil me before I head off to Edinburgh, Scotland to start business school!