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Blogging friends, I have a confession to make. I haven’t been totally truthful about all my trips back to Germany recently. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been back to Germany twice in the past two months with trips planned in the future. Anddddddddd, if you’ve been really observant, you’ll realize that I’ve been going back to Hamburg over and over again. You’ve probably guessed by now (or if you’ve stalked my social media!), but I’m dating a guy in Hamburg!

Long story short, we met at Maiball all the way back in May 2014 (remember that post? Refresh your memory here). We started emailing and since March 2015, have been emailing, texting, messaging, etc. constantly. I finally convinced him to come visit for Thanksgiving and we totally hit it off. The rest is history! We both are obsessed with politics (I mean, our first date was to the Scottish Parliament), books, school, learning, planning, organizing, and everything else Type A. I’ll be affectionately referring to him as “the Prince” on the blog considering a) I met him at a ball (pretty much a fairy tale) and b) his last name denotes nobility/aristocracy from wayyyyyy long ago in Germany.

Speicherstadt via Wayfaring With Wagner
Speicherstadt via Wayfaring With Wagner
Speicherstadt via Wayfaring With WagnerWhen I went to Hamburg a few weeks ago, I dragged the Prince to the Speicherstadt. The Speicherstadt is one of my favorite sections in all of Hamburg and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site this past summer (the first in Hamburg). It is the largest warehouse district in the world and still handles about one-third of the world’s carpet production, cocoa, coffee, tea, spices, maritime equipment, and electronic goods.

Speicherstadt via Wayfaring With Wagner
Speicherstadt via Wayfaring With Wagner
Speicherstadt via Wayfaring With WagnerThe nighttime is absolutely gorgeous in the Speicherstadt! I made the Prince find the exact spot below because I saw it on Instagram and just “had to get that shot!” He obliged and managed to find it on a map for me :) Let’s be honest though, the Prince probably reads my blog more than I read it! That’s how he stalked me before we started dating ;)

Speicherstadt via Wayfaring With Wagner
Speicherstadt via Wayfaring With WagnerHere’s a fun fact about Hamburg…it has the most bridges in all of Europe! More than Amsterdam and Venice. In total, there 2,302 bridges. Second place goes to Amsterdam with a measly 1,281 bridges. I think I partially love Hamburg because there is so much water everywhere (and we know my obsession with water).

Speicherstadt via Wayfaring With WagnerI couldn’t help but snap this picture when we went by the Rathaus (city hall) of Hamburg. And then the Prince convinced me that I had to see the inside and we promptly spent around 30 minutes reading all the nerdy political facts!

Speicherstadt via Wayfaring With WagnerQ: Have you been to Hamburg? What’s your favorite thing to do there? Place to eat? Grab a coffee? I’m compiling a list for future things I want to do, see, and eat when I’m next there!


  1. Eeeeee the prince!! ;) haha

    I would love this part of the city too! I had no idea they had more water and bridges than Amsterdam.

  2. how do I put this… I want you guys to adopt Dan, Stuart and I. You’ll be the intellectual/fun/cool parents and we’ll be the children that get to play all day and live the good life of being the President’s kids (b/c that’s obvi in the cards for one of you).

  3. First of all, happy for you Jordan! And I love that you are calling him The Prince, haha! That is some high praise! Second, I’m planning on going to Hamburg in the next few months! I can’t wait and will be checking out this area thanks to you :)

  4. Congratulations, also I definitely want to visit Hamburg now! I gotta know, do you speak English or German together, or a mix a both?!

  5. I love Hamburg! One of my favorite things to do there is take the S-Bahn downtown, sight a cathedral spire, head towards it, explore a bit, sight another head towards it, etc. As long as I keep track of the other of the churches, I can always find my way back to an S-Bahn.

    Best part about Hamburg? Franzbrötchen. I was there for a two week summer school, plus a few days prep before hand, and had Franzbrötchen for breakfast every morning. A friend of mine recommended various places so I could find my favorite. :)

    Hamburg was also my first introduction to Rote Grütze. Nom.

  6. *sticking my nosy… nose … in*

    Exciting! Gorgeous nightscapes and a boy to view them with. What a dream :) I wanna hear more!

  7. That architecture is stunning! So fun about “the prince” – it really is the perfect nickname!

  8. I have never been! But it sounds very charming and interesting, now I cant wait to go :) And I have to confessed I stalked you on FB and yes you guys looks adorable! It is so awesome you two have so much in common!

  9. Alexandria Reply

    Currently swooning over these photo’s. It looks dreamy. I’ve never been but I definitely want to make my way there one day!

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