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Who knew that when I wrote Relationship Mistranslations // Part 1, it would become one of my most read posts in a single day! I knew that Prince was charming ;) Well, I now present Part 2 of this series and may I dare to say that it is even better and funnier than Part 1?

I have to give credit to the Prince…he’s such a good sport about this and will even make his own contributions sometimes! The other night we were sitting in bed together and he turned to me and said, “You know, being in a multicultural relationship is way more fun than being in a ‘normal’ relationship.” I have to agree with him on that one ;) I feel like our relationship is built upon laughing 24/7.

We bought our plane tickets back to this USA this July (first time for the Prince in the USA!) and I already told him that he will be able to write a blog post on his American observations. He’s excited to finally make his mark on my blog! Without further ado, here are some of the funnier mistranslations from the past month :)

+ Whenever the Prince wakes up in the morning, he’ll tell me, “I stood up this morning at 8 am.” Clearly a direct mistranslation because the word “aufstehen” in German literally translates to “to stand up.”

+ To go with sleeping habits above, I caught him sleep-talking in English AND German a few weeks ago. He literally said one sentence in English, another sentence in German, etc…I was laughing so hard! I’m just bummed that I wasn’t able to record it :)

+ Not so much a mistranslation but in case you were wondering if the Prince was actually German, he told me a few weeks ago, “Rules are important.” I rest my case! I saw a shirt in H&M that said, “Forget the Rules” and I almost bought it for him.

+ I’m just now getting my wisdom teeth (I’m rebelling against the dentist and refuse to get them taken out). I was telling him about them coming in and he was describing when his were taken out. He told me he got “a full numb” which I assumed to be, he got his mouth entirely numbed from a few shots. Took me another 10 minutes into the story to realize “full numb” meant “anesthesia” after he told me he fell asleep.

+ He once asked me about my “anti-baby pills.” Yes, birth control pills in Germany are called “Antibabypille.” I was laughing so hard about this.

+ Want to know how to tell if you’re talking to a German? They use the word “to make” or “to do” for EVERYTHING! It stems back to them using the German word “machen” (to make or to do) for a lot of actions. In particular, the Prince always says, “Can you make a photo?” instead of “to take a photo.” As many times as I correct him, I don’t think he’ll ever break this habit ;)

Relationship Mistranslations via Wayfaring With Wagner+ We were in London two weeks ago and he asked me if I was going to wear “my stretches.” I looked at him with a funny expression for a few minutes before realizing he meant tights ;) I definitely now call my tights “my stretches.”

+ To go along with the clothing theme, the Prince gets clothing items confused all the time. He constantly says to me, “I like your dress.” And then I’ll reply back, “Uhhh…thanks but I’m wearing jeans and a top?” haha, at least he tries!

+ I always write in emails “Mr. MIA” and the other day he said, “Ya, this person was totally Mr. MIA” but pronounced “MIA” as the name “Mia.” hahahaha, definitely one of the funnier mistranslations. Now we always say “Mr. Mia” instead of “Mr. MIA.”

+ While drinking orange juice a few days ago, he said, “I thought you didn’t like spikes in your orange juice!” Spikes = Pulp.

+ When he visited me two weekends ago in Edinburgh, he texted me to let me know that he sat on the rolling field for 30 minutes. While he meant “runway,” it was too funny. Another instance of a direct translation from Germany (“Rollfeld”).

+ In the last post, I talked about how he tried to directly translate the word for “resuscitation” into English (“reanimation” in German). Now, he actually tried to pronounce “resuscitation” last week and said, “re-ass-i-tation.” I’m not sure why I find it so funny but we have had too many laughs over the word “resuscitation.”

+ I had to sign a postcard and he asked me to just “subscribe” next to his name. He meant “to sign.” We now have adopted the phrase “to subscribe” into our vocabulary ;)

+ He was talking about his friend watching his nieces/nephews and said, “He is very good at guarding the children!” He meant to say “babysitting” ;) I now ask him all the time about guarding the children.

Relationship Mistranslations via Wayfaring With Wagner+ The Prince told me the other day that he “needed to pimple the sink.” Ummm, excuse me?!?! He meant to say “plug the sink” and got it confused hahaha.

+ He likes to use double adverbs all the time! He’ll say, “I so much like that.” He is constantly combining “many,” “much,” “a lot,” and “so” into sentences together. It is quite adorable ;)

+ The Prince recently gave me one of his old blenders (guys, I’m obsessed with smoothies) and when he came, I made him a banana smoothie. I told him I thought banana smoothies were boring and he said, “well, you can pimp your smoothie!” haha, I don’t think you use the word “pimp” that way ;)

+ The other day he said, “You chin is peeking me!” He meant “poking him” ;)

+ His friend’s wife had a baby a few months ago and the Prince told me that the baby can now “wind himself up.” I finally figured out that the baby can now “roll himself over.” Close enough!

+ I’ve started teaching him some English slang like “Bye Felicia”…can I just say that I can’t hold my laughter in when he says it in his German accent?! hahaha

I hope that this was as equally amusing as Part 1! Once again, the Prince gave me full permission to disclose all these mistranslations :) One day he promises to do a post all about me ;) Don’t worry, karma will eventually strike!

If you’re in a multicultural relationship, I’d love to know some of your funnier mistranslations! :)


  1. Awe ha so funny! I love all these language mistranslaions. I remember one time H told me he was watching “on” the tv, direct translation for watching tv. I was like what I didn’t know you were an actor ha. International relationships are the best!

  2. Aww, bless him. Spikes in your orange juice sounds painful!

    Jan once talked in his sleep in French after a trip to Canada! Sadly I speak zero French so I have no idea what he was saying. He rarely mistranslates anything though – his English is better than mine!

  3. “Spikes = Pulp” bahaha. Oh, and the “full numb…” love it! And please get a video of him saying “Bye, Felicia,” pleeeease! Too funny!

  4. Oh my gosh that is so cute and funny! It’s weird because I definitely think I’m that person in our relationship since I’m the one speaking a foreign language, and I often have fun using really weird words. I kept saying ‘slanky’ for like a year until a friend told me that wasn’t actually a word lol

  5. This is so funny and so adorable! Why is it that when someone makes a mistake with an accent, that it’s just that much cuter! Hahah got a real kick out of reading these … especially the stretches and anti-baby pills! :P

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