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Beer Time With Wagner is now Wayfaring With WagnerSomeone PINCH ME! I’ve been working on this new website for over A YEAR and am so excited to finally debut it to everyone!!! I have to thank the Prince, my parents, and my siblings for always being so supportive, looking over my new site, giving me advice, and overall just encouraging me. There was so much thought and attention to detail put into making Wayfaring With Wagner, and I hope you’re as excited as me for this next chapter!

You have no idea the frustration and learning curve that went into creating Wayfaring With Wagner. Between having to re-upload ALL my photos (hint, make sure your pictures are always wider than your theme layout. Mine weren’t on Beer Time With Wagner so everything was misaligned when I transferred the pictures over), changing over to https a few months ago, adding lots of new sections, offering services, individually redirecting each URL from Beer Time With Wagner, and creating a free travel resource library, I’ve been in full-time blogging mode lately. Here’s a brief rundown of everything:

Why change your name?

I know, I know. Beer Time With Wagner is/was probably one of the best blogging names ;) Don’t worry, I still own the domain! The issue was that my blog just wasn’t taken seriously by companies or any potential partners. Plus, it was confusing to the reader – people either thought I blogged about food/beer or I was an alcoholic. Nothing about my blog screamed “travel” unless you actually sat down and read it.

I settled on Wayfaring With Wagner after brainstorming for many months. I like that it still has a familiar feel as Beer Time With Wagner yet indicates my travel focus. Plus, who doesn’t like an alliteration!?

Why the new layout and structure?

As much as I loved my last layout, it was never updated by the author and the coding stopped functioning properly. I tried to fix it myself but ended up getting so frustrated. The layout also wasn’t conducive for reading (the font was so small and light, it sometimes even hurt my eyes!). I find this new layout much cleaner and easier to read (and hopefully you do as well).

What’s new?

The question should actually be, what’s not new?!


Instead of starting out directly on my blog posts, you’re taken to my homepage with provides you with various options such as accessing my free travel resource library, going directly to my blog, perusing my European adventures, or hiring me for my travel planning or graduate school advising services. I also give an overview of my latest posts as well as travel tips & lists.

Free Resources

I’m so excited to start offering a free travel resource library! I’ve already added a packing list, in-depth tips for traveling through the Balkan region, and the perfect 2 week Baltic itinerary. Head over to the link above, sign up for my newsletter, and you’ll receive the password to access all these goodies! Check back frequently because I will constantly be updating the free travel resource library!

Travel Planning Services

I’ve been wanting to offer travel planning services since I started my blog back in 2013. Having traveled to 37 European countries, I’m so excited to start helping others plan their dream European vacations. Ready to get started? Click this link and we can start discussing your ultimate European adventure!

European Graduate School Advising

After constantly being emailed about attending graduate school in Europe, I’m thrilled to offer European Graduate School Advising services! I’ll assist you with finding your ideal program and country as well as the application process!

Other New Things?

I’ve updated my Meet Jordan page and added a special section for the Prince! I have also updated my FAQ and added a page about my Blog Story. For New Readers, I make it really easy to know where to start! I’ve created a summary page of my most popular categories and posts.

In terms of my travels, all of my country pages are automatically updated when new posts are published pertaining to that country! Check out my Europe and North America pages. I also have two guides readily available for your next trips to London or Berlin (two of my favorite cities in the entire world!). Lastly, my Travel Tips are filled with the best hints, advice, and lists for planning your next dream vacation (this page is also automatically updated when new, relevant posts are published).

If you’re a company or potential partner, I’ve created two special pages for you – a Work With Me page outlining what I can offer along with my most up-to-date stats as well as my Press + Media to show you where I’ve been previously featured!

As usual, I’m always available through my Contact Me page or by email at [email protected] :)

What’s Next?

I’m excited to start growing my services, working on more partnerships, and fully immersing myself in travel blogging! I have some exciting trips planned in the near future (London, ski trip to Austria, Sylt Island in Germany, Prague, Heidelberg, and Rome) and can’t wait to share them with you.

Your Help Needed!

Anything you’d like to see going forward? Any suggestions? Please let me know! Also, as this website is still a work in progress, PLEASE let me know if you see any weird configurations, broken links, incorrect redirects, typos, or anything else (you can email me at [email protected]).

This is also my first time finally launching a newsletter (sign up here!) so if something isn’t functioning correctly or you don’t receive an email after subscribing, please let me know.

As always, thanks for being such supportive, loving, and loyal readers! Can’t wait to see where your wayfaring takes you :)


  1. Jordan! I absolutely love everything about your new site! Your hard work has definitely paid off! I am looking forward to poking around and seeing what all you have added! The layout is so clean and easy to navigate and the pictures are great ;). I’m looking forward to continuing to follow your journey with the new site!

  2. It…is…BEAUTIFUL!! I love the new layout and the new name! I knew you’d come up with something clever! It looks great, now go get all those sponsorships!!

  3. Congrats, Jordan!

    The new site looks amazing! I’d love to take mine to the next level, it’s just FINDING THE TIME! I’m sue you know the feeling.

    But I’m loving the new name and new look! Can’t wait to see more!

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  5. YES! I just signed up for your newsletter! This space looks SOOO good! I know just how darn hard it is to switch names and designs – it is so much work but so worth it in the end! I am honestly so proud of you and loving this new space! You go girl!!

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