My Services

I’m so excited to offer two distinct services to help you fulfill your personal and professional goals and dreams!

  • Travel Planning – Whether you’re skiing through the Alps, indulging in cheese in France, or drinking beer in Germany, my goal is to help you plan the trip-of-a-lifetime. After living in four European countries and seven different cities, I’m excited to offer my personalized knowledge and expertise to make all your European dreams come true!
  • Graduate School Advising – Wanting a free- or tuition-reduced, top-notch education for graduate school? Look no further than the amazing universities of Europe. Between my graduate studies in both Germany and the United Kingdom as well as the application process in several other countries (I was accepted to every graduate program that I applied to in Europe), I’m here to help you further your education, organize and prepare all your documents, and begin the experience of a lifetime!

Click below to find out more details about each of my services and how we can start working together!