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I spoke to a few people who had gone to Lisbon, Portugal before and they all recommended I visit Castle of São Jorge. Considering the fact that I already think I’m a Princess, I obviously had to visit this castle.

The Castle of São Jorge sits atop a massive hill and overlooks all of downtown Lisbon and the Atlantic Ocean. Historians believe that the first fortification in this area was built by the Romans around 48 BC. During the 10th century, part of the castle were rebuilt, expanded upon, or fortified by the Moors. Around 1150, Christian forces took over the castle and expelled the Moors. It became the residence of the Portuguese Kings around 1250 and stayed the royal residence until the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. After the earthquake, the castle fell into a state of disrepair and was only partially renovated. The castle was used for military purposes up until the early 20th century. Since then, it was restored back to its medieval state and can now be visited by tourists!

Castle of São Jorge
The castle is located in Alfama, the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon. It is characterized by its hilly streets, old/tiny homes, fantastic views, and quaint charm. Such an adorable, fun area to visit!

Castle of São JorgeThe view of Lisbon from Castle of São Jorge! Even though it was rainy and a bit overcast, the view was still absolutely gorgeous!

Castle of São Jorge Castle of São JorgeLuckily, the clouds parted and allowed the gorgeous blue skies to shine through. I mean, look at these views from the castle!

Castle of São Jorge
Yes, this is a real, live peacock! There were a bunch of peacocks which just hung out at the castle. They wandered all around the grounds :)

Castle of São Jorge
IMG_4510 IMG_4501
Aren’t the back streets just charming? These were located behind the Castle of São Jorge in the neighborhood of Alfama.

Castle of São Jorge
One of my most favorite pictures taken right behind the castle!

You definitely need to visit the Castle of São Jorge and the surrounding neighborhood of Alfama when in Lisbon. Take in the gorgeous views of the entire city and enjoy some drinks during sunset over the water!


  1. You can’t believe how excited I am to found your blog! Do you still study in Heidelberg? It’s my home university and I get ridiculously excited when I find blogs of other people based in Heidelberg (can I write you in German? just kidding… kind of). I’m studying in Norway now, but I’m back in Germany this summer. Sorry for the off-topic comment! ;) I’ve never been to Portugal, but Lisbon looks lovely! :) Thanks for linking up with us!

    • Ahhhh!!! I’m so glad I found your blog!!! I have had it on my “To Do” list the past 2 months to do a Travel Tuesday linkup so I’m glad I finally did one this week :))))

      Ja, du kannst auf Deutsch schreiben! Hoffentlich kannst du mein Deutsch verstehen. Ich mache meinen Masterstudiengang in Heidelberg…von October 2013 bis April 2015! Aber mein Masterstudiengang ist auf Englisch :( Wir muessen sich diesen Sommer treffen! Ich wohne in der naehe von Bismarckplatz

      YAY! This is so exciting that you found me :) I also love connecting to other people in Heidelberg…such a gorgeous place :) xoxoxo

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