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Just wanted to let everyone know I’m taking a blog hiatus until the beginning of March! Don’t worry, I’ll be back with some amazing content then :) Between finishing up my thesis (due March 2nd!), fighting a sinus infection and ear infection right now, and getting ready to move from Germany to Croatia…my hands are a bit full at the moment :)

Have a wonderful rest of February and see you all in March! Here are some places I’ll be dreaming about until then (via my Instagram)…

March via Wayfaring With WagnerMarch via Wayfaring With Wagner
March via Wayfaring With Wagner
March via Wayfaring With Wagner

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  1. Christine Keane Reply

    Good luck on your thesis and move! I can’t wait to read all about it! Hopefully by then, you will get over your sinus and ear infection!

    • Jordan Reply

      Thanks so much Christine!!! I’m finally over my sinus and ear infection and now just have a regular cold. I blame the changing weather and spring time allergies :)

  2. GOOD GIRL. You forgot to mention blogger-gals-Heidelberg-takeover on Saturday but I’ll let it slide.
    (WOAH pretty pictures!)

    • Jordan Reply

      I miss our blogger-gals-Heidleberg-takeovers already :( Paris in less than 2 weeks and then what will I do?!?!

    • Jordan Reply

      Thanks so much Courtney! It felt horrible taking a blogging break but it was needed in order to finish the thesis. Now that it is done and I’m in Croatia, I’ll be updating much more frequently!

    • Jordan Reply

      Thanks so much!!! My thesis is all done and I’m now in Croatia (and loving it!). Feeling much better!

    • Jordan Reply

      Thanks so much Kaelene! Ughhh, I have you on my to do list to email about all sorts of things but honestly have barely even looked at my inbox in the past few weeks! Can’t wait to finally start blogging about Croatia :)

    • Jordan Reply

      Thanks so much Kathleen! I’m so bummed we were never able to meet up again. If you’re ever in Croatia or Bulgaria, come visit me!!!

  3. germany –> to croatia! EXCITING! can’t wait until you’re back since i just discovered this cute blog!


    • Jordan Reply

      Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I absolutely adore your blog :) I’m BACK and will be blogging more regularly from Croatia! xo

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