Assortment of Paris Photos

Enjoy this assortment of Paris photos from Montmartre, Sacre Coeur, flea markets, and lots of yummy meals!

Saturday morning, my friend Maren and I picked up breakfast and lunch at a cute bakery called “Alexine.” It came highly recommended to us by the guy whose apartment we were renting. After looking up the bakery online, we found out that it is one of the best bakeries in all of Paris and has been on many Top 10 Lists of the best bakeries in Paris! It was so yummmyyy! I got a croissant-like roll with chocolate inside (that melted in your mouth) and then Maren and I bought a baguette to split for lunch!

Paris Photos
Paris PhotosIn the morning we headed to the flea markets of Paris. They are located in kind of a sketch area but are absolutely amazing! I could have bought so much if I had the money/suitcase space! We went into one shop/vendor that had so much vintage Chanel. I died and went to heaven. It was all so beautiful! Maren and I just ended up settling and buying some vintage Parisian postcards. I also picked up a 10 Euro picture/painting of Paris that I plan to have frame once I go home in December (my Mom kind of has an obsession with framing everything…I’m not complaining!)

Paris Photos
IMG_3293After the flea markets, Maren and I headed to Versailles to spend the afternoon/early evening there. However, I’ll talk about that in another blog post. I figured with all my photos from Versailles, that little adventure deserves its own blog post!

Paris Photos via Wayfaring With Wagner
Paris Photos via Wayfaring With Wagner
Paris Photos via Wayfaring With Wagner
Paris Photos via Wayfaring With WagnerOn Sunday we headed to Sacre Coeur. It was absolutely beautiful and we saw wedding photos being taken outside! When we went inside the basilica, they had just started mass so Maren and I sat there for the next hour listening to mass. It was cool because they also said the readings/sermons in English as well as French! Afterwards, we explored the neighborhood of Montmartre a bit more and headed over to Palais Garnier (one of the opera houses in Paris) to see the setting of The Phantom of the Opera. I absolutely love the movie and a friend told me that I MUST visit it. Once again, I’m dedicating an entire blog post to just Palais Garnier because it was SO BEAUTIFUL and almost entirely empty so Maren and I took some of the best/funniest photos there!

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Paris Photos via Wayfaring With WagnerUnfortunately, we left Sunday late afternoon to catch our train back to Paris. I made Maren run halfway around Paris to get me these macarons! I was deciding between this company (Pierre Herme) and Laduree…but my friend who is in culinary school in Paris told me I NEEDED to get Pierre Herme macarons! Absolutely mouth-watering! It was such a wonderful weekend in Paris!

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