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This past weekend I spent with an old friend, Calli, in northern Germany and the Netherlands. Calli was a foreign exchange at my high school about 6 years ago and my family has stayed in touch with him throughout the years. A week before Halloween, after finding really cheap tickets, I decided to go visit him for the weekend!

I initially met Calli in Cologne. He goes to school in Cologne but is originally from a town right outside of Muenster. Besides those two cities, we also decided to spend a day in Amsterdam because it is less than 2 hours from his house. It was definitely a whirlwind 4 days but it was absolutely wonderful to get away from Heidelberg for the weekend!

Cologne via Wayfaring With Wagner
I took the train from Heidelberg to Cologne Friday morning and met Calli at the main train station. After going back to his apartment, his parents met us there and we had cake & coffee (that cake was so yummy!) After his parents left for Bonn (we met them there later that evening…it is only about 30-45 minutes from Cologne via the train), Calli and I spent a few hours walking around the city. It was All Saint’s Day so you passed through one of the most popular cemeteries in Cologne to see all the candles and memorials. Despite being rainy, the city is absolutely lovely! I’ve been to Cologne before so it was nice to see what Calli’s favorite places were as opposed to all the touristy places.

Cologne via Wayfaring With Wagner
Cologne via Wayfaring With WagnerAfter walking around the city, we grabbed a beer in one of the city squares. We were seated next to a German-American couple and the husband, who was American (he was from Illinois), asked if I was Australian. What?!?! I can promise that I don’t sound Australian at all!

Cologne via Wayfaring With WagnerLater that evening we drove to Bonn to meet his parents, who were at a dinner reception. Afterwards we drove back to Münster (about 2 hours away from Bonn) and arrived home at around 12:30 am!

Cologne via Wayfaring With WagnerCologne is one of my favorite cities in all of Germany and, besides the rainy weather, it was wonderful to spend a day there!

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