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Siblings at the Grandparents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

What a whirlwind last few weeks! I got back to Germany from Normandy on August 11th and left for the USA on the 14th. I landed in D.C. Thursday night (14th) and spent 48 hours in D.C. celebrating my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary! On Sunday, my Dad drove 14 hours straight back to Michigan. After a hectic weekend, I’ve spent the last few days decompressing in Traverse City…relaxing, cleaning, indulging in my favorite foods, and sleeping! I’ve been super lacking on blogging lately so my apologizes. I’m finding that I have little motivation to blog until I have my new site established! Stay tuned :) Here’s a quick life update:

1) I received another internship opportunity at the US Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria. Obviously, I already accepted the internship in Zagreb but maybe some other time in the future?

2) Currently reading A Higher Call. Really good and I highly recommend it. My Dad told me about it and I can’t stop reading it :) If you’re a history buff interested in WWII and the various perspectives, I would suggest you buy this book.

3) Isn’t this a cool article about names? I especially love the part about how females with male names are more likely to get promotions. I always knew Jordan was a good name to have! ;)

4) My new site is launching SO SOON! Gosh, who knew that there were so many moving parts!

5) I love being a millennial.

6) Currently eating Moomers Ice Cream. Voted the best ice cream in all the USA and it is less than a mile from my house!

7) I have a new apartment in Heidelberg and I love it already :) I move in when I get back and I couldn’t be more excited!

8) Off to the Microbrew & Music Festival this weekend with my parents and sisters. 200+ types of beer PLUS Brandi Carlile is performing? My favorites.

9) I started my first coding class a few days ago and absolutely love it already! Super math-y so my type of field :)

10) Some of my friends from grad school are visiting over Labor Day! Yayyyy!

Life’s pretty good right now, isn’t it?


  1. whogoeswear Reply

    Can’t wait to see your new site! So glad to hear you’re enjoying being home and are finally getting a chance to relax :)

    • Thanks!!! Hoping to launch September 1st but I’m definitely going to get your advice beforehand as well :) Loving your new blog and sharing it with friends!

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