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I had the pleasure of getting to know Marissa, from The Editorialist LA, during my last two years of college. I was the New Member Educator of my sorority (shout out to AOII!) and Marissa was a new member. We instantly clicked over our love of fashion, good food, cultural events/activities, London, and traveling! She had an amazing fashion blog during college but has now transitioned her blog to a one-stop shop for everything you could possibly want to know about Los Angeles! I asked her to share her perfect day in LA :)

While entertaining out of town visitors, it’s always amusing to witness their surprise at the sheer size of Los Angeles. Unlike New York and San Francisco, LA’s main attractions aren’t concentrated into a few square miles, but is a vast, sprawling metropolis. Which leads to a lot of confusion. When visiting, how do you navigate a metropolitan area that spans almost 5,000 square miles and has a seemingly endless number of attractions, restaurants, shops, and places to see? Don’t worry– I’m here to guide you. Though I’m constantly culling the city for the best shops, restaurants, bars, and more, I’ve (with some difficulty) narrowed it down to my perfect day in LA.  You can never go wrong with shopping, eating, and drinking.

1. Shop The Sample Sales

Though the city is filled with great shopping, it really doesn’t get that much better than those Friday sample sales in the Fashion District Downtown. Imagine multiple buildings filled with the showrooms of all of your favorite brands, selling unique samples for a fraction of their retail prices. Though they can be a bit hit-or-miss, when you stumble into the right one, it can be magical. Just follow the hoards of fashionistas into The Cooper Building, and GO. TO. TOWN

Los Angeles via Wayfaring With Wagner2. Dinner at Kazunori

While you’re Downtown, you may as well stay for dinner, and what could be more LA than sushi? A smaller branch of the insanely popular Sugarfish restaurants (heralded by acclaimed sushi chef, Kazunori Nozawa), Kazunori serves only hand rolls in a strictly sushi-bar setting. For a mere $17.50, indulge in 5 different handrolls like Lobster, Scallop, and Salmon. With the signature Nozawa warm rice and crisp seaweed, this meal is delicious, filling, and surprisingly affordable.

Los Angeles via Wayfaring With Wagner3. Drinks at Brilliantshine

After dinner, just hop on the 10-W (this wouldn’t be LA if we weren’t constantly talking about how to get places), and head to Brilliantshine in Santa Monica. Serving up delicious craft cocktails in an intimate setting, Brilliantshine has a front tiki bar, restaurant, and full bar in the back. With saloon-style decor and drinks like “A Diving Bell” (14 Single Village Mezcal, gin, caramelized pineapple, lime, cayenne pepper), it’s the perfect place for a low-key evening out with friends.

Los Angeles via Wayfaring With WagnerWant additional ideas on what to do, see, eat, etc. in Los Angeles? Stop by The Editorialist LA for more tips and advice!


  1. Christine @ A Keane Sense of Adventure Reply

    This is perfect since I will be in LA this weekend! I love sushi so that sushi rec is awesome! Yay for some sunshine and good weather!

    • Jordan Reply

      How perfect! You’ll have to let me know if you ended up going to the sushi place :)

    • Jordan Reply

      Hi Gemma! Thank so you much for the sweet nomination :) I really appreciate it xoxoxo

  2. Hannah @ Traveling Banana Reply

    Awww my adopted home! I lived in LA for the last 5 years before I came to Madrid. I miss the sushi so much (and the Mexican food and the endless summer!!)!

    • Jordan Reply

      Awwwww I miss really good Mexican food in Germany!!! They just don’t know how to do anything spicy. Sometimes a bunch of my American friends and I have Taco Night (which costs an arm and a leg for all the ingredients here!)

  3. There is so much to do in LA! I always loved discovering new things, thanks for sharing this!

    • Jordan Reply

      No problem! You’ll have to let me know if you go to any of these places! xo

    • Jordan Reply

      Yesssss! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we did a road trip along the entire coast of California? I see Britney Spears being played a majority of the time…hahaha

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