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Today I am publishing my 100th blog post! To be honest, I never thought I would even see my 20th or 50th blog post. In the past, I’ve abandoned my blog after a few months…so I’m really proud of myself for sticking with it! Plus, I just love and enjoy writing my blog. It has become the thing I do to relax :)

As I look back at previous blog posts, I’ve been noticing a trend. I tend to write mainly about experiences. Material goods rarely make an appearance on this blog and when they do, it is usually something to do with reading (which I would argue is actually an experience!). And then I realized something else, this shopaholic has bought THREE items of clothing since I’ve been in Germany: a bathing suit for 10 Euros, a white tshirt for 5 Euros, and a nicer blouse for 7 Euros. I’ve spent a total of 22 Euros on clothing in Germany. That being said, I did pick up some essentials in London last November including a new pair of rainboots (desperately needed)!

I was talking to a really good friend a few weeks ago and we both said that we value experiences over materialism.  We would much rather go on a vacation, go to a new country, and experience a new culture rather than buy a new stereo system. To be honest, I’ve been lucky and fortunate enough to receive almost everything I’ve ever wanted. There isn’t much left that I really want and/or need. I’m willing to spend a bit more on experiences because experiences are what I’m going to remember and talk about in 10 years…not the newest electronic I had to buy in 2014.

Are there material items I still want? Definitely. Like a new pair of J.Crew jeans after my favorite pair of 5 years ripped last week (I just can’t justify spending $120 even though these jeans are amazing and last forever). I’ve also been wanting Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator for years and keep eying a DSLR camera (the quality of those photos are amazing!) But those jeans will still be there in a few months or a few years, same with the Adobe products and a DSLR camera. But will the opportunity always be there to go to Iceland in October or Belgium in a few weeks? Probably not. I want as many experiences as possible. And I want to be able to talk about these experiences for years to come. Because in the end, I want people to remember me for all my experiences and friendships, and not for the material goods I possessed.


  1. Tom and Marlene Bowen Reply

    “Lilly” is not going to be happy if she sees this!!!!!!!!!!! J

  2. Memories are the only things that last a lifetime, none of the material items will make it :) I 100 percent agree, but also it’s hard to remember when you eye those particular items in a store or see someone that seems to have everything material and still get those life-changing experiences.

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