Blogging Goals for 2015!

This past year has been a huge blogging year for me! First off, have you noticed the new layout?! When I switched over to a [dot]com earlier this year, I found a layout I liked but didn’t love. Honestly, I started resenting blogging because I ended up despising my layout. The customer service was HORRIBLE and I realized it lacked a bunch of features I wanted. Most of all, it wasn’t clean. I felt like it was crowded and my good friend always thought it seemed a bit “unfinished” (totally agree with her). I stumbled across Carolina’s work a few weeks ago and fell IN LOVE with her layouts. Plus, she has amazing customer service, made all the changes/additions I wanted, and replied back so promptly. I would recommend her 110%!!! I’m so so so so happy with how my layout turned out :)

When I started writing this blog back in September 2013, I honestly only imagined that my family and close friends would be reading this. After 6 months, I realized people all over the world were reading this “small” blog. I met up with some people passing through Heidelberg (Kathleen and Kellee!) and made friendships with some of my favorite bloggers. Thanks Margo, Annie, Melanie, and Jen for actually meeting with me in person this year. I’m lucky to have Margo and Melanie in Heidelberg with me :) Plus, Annie gets harassed with my (almost) daily emails/tweets/instagrams!

In 2014, I finally took the leap and changed Beer Time With Wagner from wordpress[dot]com to wordpress[dot]org, thus giving me full control over my blog and not longer having the wordpress[dot]com in my website address! Even though I’ve toyed with the idea of changing the name of Beer Time With Wagner (I’m starting to outgrow it and my origial vision), I’m still too attached to it :) I’m sure I’ll change it at some point this year but I’m still in love with it right now.

Even though 2014 was a great year for me, I can’t wait for 2015 and all the ideas I have! Once I finish my master’s in February 2015, I can’t wait to commit 100% to this blog and future ideas.

So what exactly do I have planned for this blog in 2015?

+ Finally start sponsoring other blogs (and hopefully getting sponsors for my blog)
+ Collaborations!!! With people, companies, organizations etc. Because there is power in working together.
+ Freelancing for travel websites, expats websites, magazines, etc. I have a whole list of places I want to contact
+ See the “Travel Guides” tab at the top? I want to finish all my travel guides I’ve been working on since Summer 2014!
+ Add more to the “Travel Tips” tab
+ Tweak everything on my blog :)
+ Finish a course with “A Beautiful Mess” and read a few of the blogging books that have been recommended to me.
+ Clean and/or delete old posts!
+ Post at least twice a week every week (seriously, need to be more consistent)
+ Reply to comments in a timely manner… :)
+ Start a newsletter for my readers
+ Engage more with social media and the individuals on them (I’m a sucker for Instagram)
+ Take all my photos with my new camera (Sony A6000!!!) and not my iPhone! Plus, I want to edit them all in Photo Director 6 :)
+ And what I’m most excited about for my blog? These two projects I’m working on right now. They both pertain to traveling and I can’t wait to reveal more details in the upcoming months!

Want to make some blogging goals for 2015? Margo, from The Overseas Escape, published this great list!

What are your blogging goals for 2015?

**this fabulous photo above was designed by Annie from Montgomery Fest…although I do take credit for thinking of the quote ;)

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