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Today, October 3rd, is the Day of German Unity, which celebrates the formal reunification of Germany on this date in 1990! Because it is a federal holiday, people spent the day enjoying the sunshine and gorgeous weather in Heidelberg by hiking and sitting in the cafes that line the Hauptstrasse (Main Street).

It was initially argued to celebrate the Day of German Unity on November 9th – the day the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 – but too many historic events that shaped Germany as a nation have occurred on November 9th.

These events include:

  • 1848: The execution of liberal leader, Robert Blum. This event is symbolic of the failure of the Revolutions of 1848 in the German States.
  • 1918: The monarchy of Germany ends and Kaiser Wilhelm II loses power. This November Revolution eventually leads to the establishment of the Weimar Republic
  • 1923: Hilter attempts a coup in Munich and fails. However, this marks the emergence of the Nazi Party as an important political party in Germany
  • 1938: Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) was a coordinated attack by the Nazis to destroy all Jewish businesses, synagogues, etc. During this night, over 30,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps. This marks the beginning violence against the Jewish population in Germany, Austria, and the rest of Europe
  • 1989: The Berlin Wall, separating East and West Berlin, fell due to confusion from government aides. This is the beginning of German reunification.

Due to those reasons, the German government decided to celebrate the Day of German Unity on the formal day of Germany reunification, rather than the day that the Berlin Wall fell.

HAPPY 23rd Birthday (reunified) Germany!!!

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