I love London and Paris just as much as the next person but sometimes I find the cities way too touristy and overwhelming! You can’t walk more than 10 feet without running into another American. Throughout my travels in Europe, I’ve come across some great cities and regions that offer similar experiences to those touristy cities…without the tourists! And most of the time, these places are significantly cheaper than the touristy destination. So go visit some of these alternative European city breaks before the secret is out and tourists start to overwhelm them!

Budapest To Do via Wayfaring With Wagner

I have mentioned this multiple times before (and maybe a bit excessively) but I think that Budapest is one of the best cities in all of Europe! Seriously…the history, the food, the coffee, the architecture, the thermal baths, the politics. Everything about the city fascinates me so much! I was lucky enough to go back over Easter weekend and continued to fall in love with the city.

Here are some of my favorite things in Budapest that you must NOT MISS on your next visit there!

It’s no secret that I think Budapest is one of the best cities in all of Europe. A clash of old versus new, east versus west, buda versus pest. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post documenting my time in Buda. I’m just now getting around to finally writing about my time in Pest, on the east bank of the Danube River.

I had low expectations for Budapest. While I knew Hungary wasn’t part of the Soviet Union, I always just kind of clumped it with that part of the world. Think lots of concrete, grayness, and an abundance of sad looking buildings. Man oh man, I don’t think I’ve ever judged a place so wrong in my life. To be honest, Budapest is one of my new favorite cities in Europe and I keep telling everyone that they must visit the city! Erase my Soviet visions and imagine a city with wide streets and old buildings that remind you of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Viennese architecture infused with the Turkish influence makes for an absolutely stunning city!