Mackinac Island via Wayfaring With Wagner

Between the Upper and Lower Peninsula of Michigan, and right at the intersection of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron is the hidden gem of Mackinac Island. Conde Nast magazine famously named it as one of the Top 10 islands in the world! As a child living in Washington, D.C., my family frequently visited Mackinac Island in the summers. There are videos of me as a two year old waiting  for the ferry to arrive and me screaming, “I see the boat, Mommy! I see the boat!” Needless to say, I was a very excitable child ;)

Great Lakes State of Mind via Wayfaring With Wagner

Hidden in the pinky of Michigan are some of the most gorgeous beaches with the bluest water you’ll ever see. On one hand, I don’t want to share the locations because I want them to stay hidden gems for as long as possible from all the fudgies (aka tourists. Because they come to Michigan for fudge so we’ve nicknamed them appropriately). But then again, how could you not share something so beautiful?!

Tucked about 25 miles northwest of Traverse City, Michigan, the Fishtown district of Leland, Michigan is a throwback to life 100 years ago. The fish tugs and charter boats still line the docks of this historic neighborhood. While the district is now mainly a tourist attraction, it still serves individuals who want to go fishing. Many of the shanties are now shops, cafes, and restaurants but a few still cater to the fishing industry of Northern Michigan!

While everyone in the USA has been suffering from the polar vortex and horrible snow storms/temperatures all winter, Germany has been the exact opposite! We’ve received a total of 5 minutes worth of flurries. Honestly, I was really missing the snow and the experience of a real winter. Being from Michigan, I’m used to snow, cold temperatures, and a winter that lasts 6 months.