10 Cities in the Balkans via Wayfaring With Wagner

After living in the Balkans for about 8 months almost 2 years ago (how has it already been that long?!), I still can’t stop singing the praises of this amazing region. Still misconstrued as dangerous due to the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, this peninsula is now a hot spot for tourists looking for cheap, undiscovered, historical, outdoorsy destinations!

While working in Croatia, I became great friends with another intern who was my exact age. Ironically, she had done a study abroad in Michigan so we had a lot in common! One day after work she mentioned Mirogoj Cemetery and asked if my roommate and I had been there. After responding “no,” she drove us to the cemetery and told us it was a “must-see” in Zagreb!

We arrived a few minutes before it closed but the nice attendant at the front opened the gates for us and let us stay after closing!

I’ve now been in Zagreb, Croatia for two weeks so this post is very much overdue! Oh goodness, where do I even begin? The weather here is gorgeous and I’m absolutely loving my internship. By far the hardest part is not knowing the language!!! Even though I’ve lived in Germany, I knew enough German to read and understand almost everything. I never felt as though I was completely lost so not being able to communicate is definitely frustrating. However, I’m starting to pick up basic Croatian phrases and downloaded a few iPhone apps to help me!

Unless I want a really warm beach vacation, I’ll never travel to Italy during the summertime. Between the crowds, heat, and smell (you know the smell I’m talking about!), it is just not an enjoyable experience. However, traveling to Italy in the springtime. Now that’s a totally different story!

A few years ago, during my undergraduate years, I studied abroad in Germany for 6 months. During a break in the semester, my cousin came over from the USA and we did our “Epic EuroTrip.” We started in Nice and followed along the coast until we hit Pisa, Italy before going inland. It was seriously one of the best trips and the best part (besides being with my cousin!)? The lack of tourists and the amazing weather!

So whether you’re trying to plan your spring break or just want to get away for about 12 days, this spring itinerary is perfect for you! I’ve included all the places we went. However, I’ve made notes on how you can make it longer or shorter :) Enjoy and happy traveling!