With the allure of a chocolate festival, I made my way to the southern Germany town of Tübingen (also known as Tuebingen or Tubingen to English speakers). While this town was named one of Germany’s most photogenic towns, it holds a special place in my heart for an entirely different reason – it’s where I studied abroad 6 years ago! Tübingen was actually home to the first “Beer Time With Wagner” blog when I was still on the WordPress free platform. Even though the blog initially died out after a month, it made a reappearance in 2013 and the name stuck until I rebranded a year ago. It was wonderful to finally be back in Tübingen in wintertime – filled with lots of yummy cafes, snowy side streets, and a sense of coziness.

With a country full of castles, fairy tales, and even a Romantic Road, how could Germany not be romantic?! I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day and can’t resist visiting as many romantic places in Germany as possible (including a getaway last weekend to Bamberg). Whether you travel with your significant other, your family, or even just great friends, here is a list of 8 extremely romantic places in Germany that you must visit!* The best part? Most of these are totally doable as weekend trips in Germany (thank you Deutsche Bahn and an amazing transportation system!).

*romantic places is also interchangeable for absolutely adorable, colorful, and quaint German towns