New Mexico


Hey everyone! I’m so excited for all of you to meet Sara from the blog “Sara Says.” I fell in love with her photography and knew I wanted her to share some of those amazing photos with all of you! Sara and I have been emailing back and forth for about the last month. She’s a soon-to-be expat so it has been fun sharing my experience with her :) Plus, she’s just a really cool person so you should all check her out! I asked her to share about New Mexico today because it is one of my favorite states and a personal favorite vacation spot for my family!

Hi! I’m Sara and I’m the gal behind Sara Says. Although my favorite place in the entire world to travel to is Europe, I’ve had some great trips and adventures here in the ol’ USofA. I’ve been to typical, well-known US tourist destinations such as Boston, New York City, New Orleans, etc, but one recent trip I took that really stuck out to me was a family trip to New Mexico for Christmas. I guess, since its not really a huge “must-see” destination you hear about too often, I didn’t have too many expectations. But boy was it amazing!