You might be asking yourself, why only 6 pictures of Vienna? Because I literally only took 6 pictures in Vienna! Isn’t being sick while traveling the best?! I should preface this by stating that my THREE previous trips to Vienna either were canceled or fell through due to expensive prices, events canceled, and visa issues so I kept joking that I would never see Vienna. Well, that still holds true because I spent the entire 4 days in bed!

The most ironic part? I took a 10-day trip with my sister to Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna with the Prince flying into Vienna to meet us. I was totally fine for our 4 days in Budapest and day in Bratislava. However, on the 1-hour train ride from Bratislava to Vienna I turned to my sister and said, “Loren, I really don’t feel well.” She later told me that it was one of those times when just looking at my face she could tell I was REALLY sick and not just saying it.