With a country full of castles, fairy tales, and even a Romantic Road, how could Germany not be romantic?! I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day and can’t resist visiting as many romantic places in Germany as possible (including a getaway last weekend to Bamberg). Whether you travel with your significant other, your family, or even just great friends, here is a list of 8 extremely romantic places in Germany that you must visit!* The best part? Most of these are totally doable as weekend trips in Germany (thank you Deutsche Bahn and an amazing transportation system!).

*romantic places is also interchangeable for absolutely adorable, colorful, and quaint German towns

The Hamptons of Northern Germany via Wayfaring With WagnerHere’s a fun fact – did you know that Northern Germany borders both the Baltic Sea and North Sea!? Most people forget that the country has an extensive water border and thus, is home to quite a few islands. Living in Hamburg, the Prince and I are no more than a 2-hour drive from most islands! When deciding where to go for the Easter holidays, we didn’t want to stray too far from the Prince’s hometown of Kiel. I’d been begging to go to the island of Sylt for ages and we just so happened to book one of the last rooms on the entire island! While Sylt is officially part of Germany, it actually straddles the border of Germany and Denmark when looking at a map.